Future Land Use
Please review the proposed comprehensive land use categories document below dated 03 May 2018 for the most up to date information. 

updated as of 5/3/2018

Future Land Use Classifications



The Planning Department is working with communities throughout the City of San Antonio to complete 30 sub-area plans over the next five to six years as part of implementing the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. A key component of these sub-area plans will be the future land use maps, which help identify the uses and character a community desires for its area. The goal of updating the City’s Future Land Use classifications is to provide a consistent set of categories and definitions for use across all 30 plans. The end result of these 30 sub-area plans will be a complete land use map for the City of San Antonio, something which currently does not exist.

Future land use is important because it helps determine where people will live, work, and play in the City of San Antonio and is the basis for zoning and other land use and development decisions. Currently, the City has approximately 50 different adopted land use plans, many of which have land use categories and definitions that are inconsistent with each other. In some cases, these plans and land use maps have not been updated for many years while in other parts of the City, no land use map exists at all.

The updated land use classification will be used as a starting point to update the currently adopted Chapter 35 Unified Development Code (UDC) Land Use Categories and Definitions section. The UDC categories and definitions are being updated with several objectives in mind:

  • Provide categories that generally align with existing land use plans;
  • Provide categories that enable the City to implement the Comprehensive Plan (including better defined mixed-use categories and categories to protect the military missions); and
  • Create a consistent, predictable, and well defined classification for application across the whole City.



The Planning Department hosted a series of five focus groups to get expert technical input on land use challenges and opportunities from a variety of stakeholders. These focus groups included internal City departments; external government partners (AAMPO, VIA, SAWS, CPS, etc.); private sector (developers, engineers, architects); community and non-profit groups; and neighborhood associations and alliances represented on the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Comments and input received from these stakeholders is being integrated with policy direction from the Comprehensive Plan as well as research on best practices from other cities to create the proposed new classification. 

On January 16, 2018 the Planning Department held a citywide Community meeting to present the proposed land use classification revision and seek public comment. A preview of the meeting flyer can be found here.


Proposed future land use classification changes

The initial draft version of the updated Future Land Use classifications can be downloaded here. The  draft versions of the updated Future Land Use classifications are posted here to give the community a first look at proposed changes and to serve as a basis for preliminary public comments.

Please use the links below to review the current UDC land use categories and definitions as well as the proposed changes. You are welcome to submit comments and feedback by email to shepard.beamon@sanantonio.gov or call the Planning Department at (210) 207-0244.