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Ready SA: SA Tomorrow Code Alignment Flyer (PDF)

SA Tomorrow Code Alignment

The San Antonio Planning Department, in its efforts to align San Antonio’s Unified Development Code with the vision our city has given us through SA Tomorrow, its comprehensive plan, has started to develop a Diagnostic Report and Code Amendment Recommendations.

SA Tomorrow envisions a safe, sustainable, walkable, and equitable city which has access to jobs, housing and a variety of amenities and services for people living, working and visiting here. In order to accomplish this, the rules that shape our city need to be aligned with the principles of SA Tomorrow.

The Unified Development Code (UDC) is the central document that outlines the rules and guidelines that regulate how San Antonio is built. The UDC can influence or affect many aspects of our daily life such as how we get around, the safety and security of our neighborhoods, our health, living options, and historic and cultural assets, by addressing zoning, land use, the size of blocks, frequency, spacing, and design of streets, parking requirements, and more.

With your input, our aim is to analyze the existing development code to make meaningful adjustments. So, come join us to move SA Tomorrow forward.

Please use this page a resource; the tabs below will be updated throughout the process.

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