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Our region is growing. By 2040, Bexar County is projected to add over 1.1 million people and 500,000 jobs. Where new housing and jobs are located over the next 25 years will have a major impact on San Antonio’s quality of life. If guided properly, this influx of new residents and workers will enhance our City and positively impact our options for how we live, work, and get around.

SA Corridors is collaborative, city-wide effort, led by the City of San Antonio's Planning Department and supported by VIA Metropolitan Transit, to help shape San Antonio's future development around transit, walking, and biking.

Project Area Map
Project Area

SA Corridors is a study of the 12 corridors in VIA's Vision 2040 Plan identified for "premium" transit. That means we will be planning future growth in areas within 1/2 mile of VIA's current and proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail transit lines within the San Antonio City Limits and in surrounding communities.

Strategic Framework Plan

SA Corridors plan is one of the first steps to implementing VIA's Vision 2040 Plan and the City of San Antonio's SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan. It is the product of 18 months of collaboration with the community and in-depth market analysis of San Antonio's future transit corridors.

Complete Final Plan Document

Individual Plan Elements

Corridor Profiles
Corridor Profiles

(PDF • 5 MB • 66 pages)
Cover each of the 12 SA Corridors and include information about existing land use, population, and future land use.

Transit-Supportive Land Use Framework
Transit-Supportive Land Use Framework

(PDF • 4 MB • 40 pages)
Contains our city-wide strategies for how to encourage more transit-supportive development.

Station Area Concepts
Station Area Concepts

(PDF • 47 MB • 159 pages)
Each of the 16 area concepts cover existing land use, future land use, and include renderings of potential future development patterns.

Station Area Plans
Station Area Plans

(PDF • 11 MB • 47 pages)
Delve into greater detail on affordable housing strategies and zoning recommendations needed in station areas.