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111 Soledad, Ste 650
San Antonio, TX 78205


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Executive Leadership

  • Bridgett White, AICP
  • Rudy Niño, aICP
    Assistant Director

APPLICANT eligibility

Business or commercial property owners are eligible if the business is:

  • Located within a target area
  • Utilized for commercial purpose (NO residences or apartments). See Target Areas.
  • No converted homes, mobile buildings or auto shops


Eligible Improvements

Operation Facelift funds facade improvement projects. All improvements must be permanent or fixed and must comply with applicable design standards, guidelines and applicable city codes. Eligible improvements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete facade rehabilitation
  • Replacement of broken window panes, aluminum or wood windows and broken store front glass
  • Scraping, priming, and painting of window frames, cornice and store front
  • Painting of surfaces previously painted
  • Cited interior and exterior code violations (must provide citation)
  • Unlighted or exterior lighting signage

Eligible Properties

  • Applications may be submitted for commercial properties, either owner or tenant occupied, within target area.
  • Property cannot be residential/ mixed use
  • Mixed use buildings with retail/ commercial storefront uses may be considered.

INEligible Properties

  • Properties used primarily as residences
  • Sectarian or religious facilities
  • Sexually oriented businesses
  • Check cashing agencies
  • Non-bank financial retail outlets
  • Liquor stores
  • Gun shops
  • Pawnshops

Eligible Target Areas

The following seven areas are the Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 selected areas. Click on the images below to enlarge the map.

REnewSA Project - Avenida Guadalupe (PDF)

Avenida Guadalupe

REnewSAProject - Edgewood (PDF)


REnewSA Project - Five Points (PDF)

Five Points

REnewSA Project - Harlandale (PDF)


REnewSA Project - Las Palmas (PDF)

Las Palmas

REnewSA Project - South San/Kindred (PDF)

South San/Kindred

REnewSAProject - Wheatley (PDF)


REnewSAProject - World Heritage (PDF)

World heritage

Additional Information

REnewSA Project

In order to provide a more comprehensive approach to revitalization, the Department of Planning and Community Development has launched REnewSA. Operation Facelift is working through these components to offer services to their target areas.

Potential Reinvestment

Commercial properties within these areas can apply for up to $26,900 in  improvements. Applications are available every September, and on occasion, in March. 


Phone: 210.207.4686