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North Education Center
210.206.2800  |  3635 Medical Dr.

South Education Center
210.206.2700  |  7031 S. New Braunfels

East Education Center
210.206.2850 | 5230 Eisenhauer Rd.

West Education Center
210.206.2900 | 1235 Enrique M. Barrera Memorial Parkway

Enrollment/General Information
210.206.PREK (7735)

Professional Learning

Professional learning is a major focus of Pre-K 4 SA. Fourteen coaches with backgrounds ranging from child development to bilingual studies and special education are available to collaborate with partner school districts to impact early childhood education in San Antonio.

The Professional Learning team provides services which include:

  • Workshops and trainings
  • Lab school visits and guided observation at the Pre-K 4 SA Centers or at a district facility
  • Team and small group development and planning
  • Instructional coaching for individual teachers or as follow up to large-group professional learning events

Pre-K 4 SA Coaching Model

The Professional Learning team uses a four-step method to provide hands-on, individualized coaching to directly address the needs of teachers. Through goal setting, observation, and coach feedback, a strategic plan is developed for teachers to move forward using a variety of strategies that can include modeling, co-teaching, or guided observation.

STEP 1: Teacher Goal Setting

When a request or referral is initiated, a Pre-K 4 SA Professional Learning Coach will schedule a meeting to listen to the teacher, set goals, and discuss areas of focus. The coach will question and guide the conversation as needed to promote a successful learning environment. Goals can be teacher-generated, related to professional learning and formative evaluation, or come from other forms of feedback. Coaching sessions are non-evaluative and focused on student success.

STEP 2: Observation

An initial observation of the teacher and classroom will be scheduled to inform the coach and provide an opportunity for data collection, questions, affirmations, concerns, and suggestions. The coach will use the teacher’s goals as his or her guide, however may record other information if noted as a concern. Observations are designed for the coach to record factual as well as interpretive information or inquiry.

STEP 3: Feedback & Planning

A follow-up conference will be scheduled to discuss the observational data, ask clarifying questions, offer suggestions or further professional learning, and plan next steps. A summary of this meeting with be jointly created by the teacher and coach if requested by the campus administrator.

STEP 4: Individualized Action Plan

Following these formal coaching steps, the plan becomes more individualized and driven by teacher goals, accomplishments, or resulting feedback from administration. During this phase, original goals may be extended or revised and additional goals may be developed. Additional interventions may include modeling, co-teaching, or guided observation.

Access to Coaching Services

Coaching services can be requested during professional learning sessions or submitted to Kristina Herrera at 210.206.2767 or