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Published on Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Pre-K 4 SA students exceed critical kindergarten readiness measures

Independent study finds teacher-child interactions at or above national average, leading to significant improvements in student outcomes

Contact: Jill Byrd, Creative Noggin | 210.501.4288

SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 8, 2017) —  Pre-K 4 SA students exceed the national norm in kindergarten readiness according to an independent evaluation of students. For the fourth straight year, Pre-K 4 SA students surpassed averages in cognitive, literacy and mathematics despite beginning the year significantly below average.

“Pre-K 4 SA opened its doors in 2013 to 4-year-olds across San Antonio with a goal of delivering high-quality early childhood education to families who may not have access otherwise,” Pre-K 4 SA Board Chair Elaine Mendoza said. “The results indicate we are succeeding in a big way. Each year, we prepare 2,000 more children for kindergarten, and over the long-term we are on track to change the educational and workforce trajectory of San Antonio within one generation.”

Westat, Inc. conducted the planned study to measure the effectiveness of Pre-K 4 SA using the Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment. 

“Our teachers continue to perform well in classroom quality across all four Pre-K 4 SA education centers,” Pre-K 4 SA CEO Sarah Baray said. “Our children came into pre-kindergarten significantly below the normed sample in five out of six GOLD outcomes. By the end of the school year, our students closed the gaps and were more than prepared for kindergarten and beyond.”

The year four evaluation of Pre-K 4 SA was conducted during the 2016-17 school year and sought to address the areas of attendance, instructional quality, and kindergarten readiness. Pre-K 4 SA teachers were observed using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). Results showed Pre-K 4 SA teachers demonstrate instructional quality above the research threshold in all three domains of emotional support, classroom organization and instructional support. These results indicate Pre-K 4 SA provides quality instruction that leads to higher outcomes for students. Results from a new assessment of executive function also showed Pre-K 4 SA scores higher than the norm. 

“This study highlights the success of our teachers and students,” Baray added. “We use this assessment, conducted throughout the year, to continually improve curriculum, classroom strategies and professional learning for our teachers and our district partners.” 

Pre-K 4 SA served 2,000 students during the 2016-17 academic year. Nearly 80 percent of students were low-income. Attendance rates have been stable since opening and average attendance for Pre-K 4 SA students was 93.6 percent.

Find the full report on the Pre-K 4 SA website,

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Author: Cambri Ensminger (GPA)

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Pre-K 4 SA is a comprehensive early childhood initiative aimed at changing the education and workforce trajectory of San Antonio in one generation. Pre-K 4 SA offers full-day pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds living in the City of San Antonio. Pre-K 4 SA is free for qualifying students and also accepts tuition-paying students. The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Extended hours are available at no additional charge from 7:15 to 8 a.m., and from 3 to 6 p.m. for working families. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks are included and free transportation is available to all students. Pre-K 4 SA has four Education Centers located throughout the city: North Education Center, 3635 Medical Dr.; South Education Center, 7031 S. New Braunfels Ave.; East Education Center, 5230 Eisenhauer Rd.; and West Education Center, 1235 Enrique M. Barrera Memorial Parkway. The Pre-K 4 SA Professional Learning program provides prekindergarten through third grade educators in San Antonio with complementary continuing education to support best practice instruction to help every child in San Antonio excel. The Pre-K 4 SA Competitive Grants program provides more than $4 million in funding annually to increase quality and access in early childhood programs throughout San Antonio. Visit for more information.

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