Public Works Department


  • Physical Address
  • Municipal Plaza Building
    114 W. Commerce, 6th Floor
    San Antonio, TX 78205   
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box 839966
    San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
  • Phone
  • 210.207.8022


  • Razi Hosseini, P.E.
    Director/City Engineer
  • Anthony Chukwudolue, P.E.
    Deputy Director
  • Christie Chapman
    Assistant Director
  • Nefi Garza, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Luis Maltos, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Paul Berry
    Chief Communications Officer



Communications and Engagement - Paul Berry, Chief Communications Officer

Communications and Engagement manages all forms of communication for the Public Works Department including public and employee information.  We provide information to the public regarding the Public Works Department projects and activities, by working with media outlets, through social media, and direct communication to city residents.  Our Engagement Team coordinates ceremonial events surrounding infrastructure projects and public meetings. We also manage the communications for public outreach campaigns: SA Tomorrow, Vision Zero, Remember The River and Pothole Patrol.

Project Delivery


Construction Management – Fitzgeraldo G. Sanchez, Assistant City Engineer

Construction Management provides project management, inspection and surveying services for City managed street, drainage and park projects.

Horizontal Project Management – David McBeth, Assistant City Engineer

The Horizontal Projects Division provides scoping and design oversight for all horizontal projects, including streets, drainage, sidewalks and bridges.

Vertical (Parks & open space development) – Rodney Dziuk, Capital Programs Manager

The Vertical  (Parks & Open Space Development) Division supervises the planning, design and construction of parks & open space facilities for the City of San Antonio.

Vertical (Buildings) – Gopinath Akalkotkar, City Architect

The Vertical (Buildings) division supervises the architectural design and construction of building facilities for the City of San Antonio including fire and police stations, libraries, community and senior centers, and the publicly accessible areas at the San Antonio International Airport.

Special Interest Projects - Jeff Knippel, Capital Programs Manager

The Special Interest Division supervises the architectural design and construction of building facilities that have High and Unique visibility in the downtown area to include the Renovation of Historical City Hall, Renovation of City Towers (Old Frost Tower), Hemisfair Civic Park, Maverick Plaza Renovation, and upgrades to the Convention Center and Alamodome.

Storm Water

Storm water – Nefi Garza, Assistant Director

Environmental Services – John Cantu, Environmental Management Manager

The Environmental Management Division (EMD) serves as an in-house environmental review and consulting source for City capital projects.

Storm Water Engineering - Floodplain Management – sabrina santiago, interim Storm Water Engineering Manager

Floodplain Management reviews all proposed development to ensure compliance with the Unified Development Code including adequate measures for retention, detention, and distribution of storm water to avoid significant adverse impacts to other properties.  Proposed development includes Commercial, Residential, and Capital Improvement Projects.

Storm Water Engineering - Project Development/311 – Roberto Reyna, Storm Water Engineering Manager

Project Development responds to community concerns (311) that require an investigation by a storm water engineer to evaluate drainage issues for buildings, streets, channels, and floodplains.  Based on need and available funding, the team will then plan, design, and construct the storm water projects needed to address the concern.

Storm Water Operations - Flood Management/Rapid Response – Jose Salazar, Operations Manager

Flood Management & Rapid Response maintains two 24-feet 4-inch tunnel systems beneath downtown, approximately 50 high water detection system sites, storm sewer system cleaning and televising, hazardous tree removals, and is also responsible for channel restoration, debris removal, and concrete/pipe repair operations.

Storm Water Operations - Vegetation Management/Sweeping – Les Saberniak, Operations Manager

Vegetation Management & Sweeping maintains 4,800 acres of rights-of-way, floodplain buyout properties, medians, drainage channels, and is also responsible for street sweeping of residential streets twice per year and arterial/collector streets four times per year.


Streets  – Anthony Chukwudolue, DEPUTY DIRECTOR

Right of Way – Marcus Hammer, Capital Programs Manager; Eddie Mery, Senior Engineer

Right of Way regulates street and sidewalk closures, permits and utility construction activities, as well as fiber deployment activities.

Street Operations - East – John Tapia, Interim Operations Manager

Street Operations - East is responsible for the maintenance and repair of City streets, City bridges and garbage collection alley infrastructure. This includes response to community concerns, such as pothole and base and pavement repairs.

Street Operations - West – Frank Orta, Operations Manager

Street Operations - West is responsible for the maintenance and repair of City streets, City bridges and garbage collection alley infrastructure. This includes response to community concerns, such as pothole and base and pavement repairs.

Street & Infrastructure Management – Al Siam Ferdous, Capital Programs Manager

Street & Infrastructure Management manages the design and construction of street rehabilitation projects as part of the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP).

Sidewalks & Special Projects – karlo jajliardo, interim Capital Programs Manager

Sidewalks & Special Projects manages sidewalk, street rehabilitation & preservation projects, and the Neighborhood Access and Mobility Program, also known as NAMP. NAMP coordinates the construction of mobility enhancement projects.

Asset Management & Program Development – Otto Trevino, Interim Operations Manager

Asset & Program Management is responsible for the development of the Infrastructure Management Program (IMP), street and sidewalk project planning and development, inventory and asset management, and pavement management.

Disability Access Office – Deborah Scharven, Accessibility Compliance Manager

The Disability Access Office is responsible for American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for all City of San Antonio services and facilities including infrastructure, street and sidewalks, to ensure that all citizens can fully participate in community life. This office also provides comprehensive technical assistance to other City departments, builders and citizens.

Support Services

Support Services – Christie Chapman, Assistant Director

Real Estate – vacant, Acquisition Real Estate Manager

The Real Estate division acquires land for capital improvement projects as well as facilitates the sale of City owned property.

Labor Compliance and Fleet Contract Services – Ayten Cibildak, Labor and Compliance Fleet Manager

The Labor Compliance and Fleet Division ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in addition to ensuring the entire department has the proper fleet required.

Contract Services – Vacant

The Contracts Services Division initiates and administers contracts for architectural, engineering and construction services for the City.

Fiscal and Budget Management – marc castro, Department Fiscal Administrator

The Fiscal and Budget Management Division administers all financial transactions for the entire Department including the coordination and development of the annual department budget, Capital Budget, monitoring all financial transactions and providing financial reports for the Department.

Reporting and PRIMELink – Sam Hutchins, Senior Engineer

This division administers PRIMELink which is a web-based program management tool, to manage capital projects during both design and construction phases. The Division provides document management and oversees the project schedules.


Traffic – Vacant

Traffic engineering & operations – Lilly Banda, PE, PTOE, Programs Manager

Transportation Services conducts traffic engineering and safety evaluations of existing transportation infrastructure. Evaluations include investigation of 311 traffic concerns and traffic calming studies. The team also develops and implements the school pedestrian safety program and traffic sign and pavement marking maintenance programs.

Transportation Systems Management & Operations – Marc Jacobson, PE, PTOE, Programs Manager

Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) develops, monitors, and maintains the City's traffic signal system of 1,400 signalized intersections, nearly 1,000 school zone flashers, and traffic monitoring and detection equipment for daily and event traffic safety and efficiency. The team also operates the Public Works Department centralized call center, Transportation & Infrastructure Management Center, to receive 311 community concerns and dispatch emergency response and maintenance crews.