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Bid Results 26-00675A Huebner Creek Trailhead at Crystal Hill 01/29/2021 7 Samuel Sanchez
Bid Results 23-01812 Braun Road Sidewalks 02/05/2021 7 Richard Grochowski
Bid Results 40-00015 Fire Station # 18 Replacement 02/09/2016 2 TCI Vertical
Bid Results 23-01618 2021 TOC for Miscellaneous Construction Pkg. 2 02/26/2021 CW Rolando Lerma
Bid Results 23-01582 Fredericksburg Road (N. Flores St. to W. Woodlawn Ave.) 03/09/2021 CW TCI Horizontal Eric Salazar
Bid Results 23-0613 Southcross Blvd (I-37 to I-35) 03/12/2021 CW TCI Horizontal Florencio Rodriguez
Bid Results 23-01662 Fox Park 03/23/2021 8 Jamaal Moreno
Bid Results 23-01838 Ella Austin Center Roof - Deferred Maintenance 04/09/2021 2 TCI Vertical Randy Matyear
Bid Results 23-03730 Upper Leon Creek-Government Canyon Regional RSWF 04/13/2021 CW TCI Horizontal Eric Salazar
Bid Results 23-03784-01 2021-2022 Task Order Contract for Pavment Markings, Package A 04/16/2020 CW William Thorpe
Bid Results 23-03784-02 2021-2022 Task Order Contract for Pavement Markings Package B 04/30/2021 CW Public Works-Street Maintenance William Thorpe
Bid Results 23-01862 S. Foster Road Phase II - Hwy 87 to Houston 05/04/2021 2 Florencio Rodriguez
Bid Results 23-01599 N. New Braunfels Ave Ph 1 (E Houston to Burleson) 05/11/2021 CW Sean Strong
Bid Results 23-01801-02 FY 2019 Asphalt Overlay Task Order Contract Package 2 09/11/2018 CW Public Works-Street Maintenance Dean Bayer