Small, Minority and Women-Owned Businesses


  • Physical Address
  • Municipal Plaza Building
    114 W. Commerce, 6th Floor
    San Antonio, TX 78205   
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box 839966
    San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
  • Phone
  • 210.207.8022


  • Razi Hosseini, P.E.
    Director/City Engineer
  • Anthony Chukwudolue, P.E.
    Deputy Director
  • Christie Chapman
    Assistant Director
  • Nefi Garza, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Luis Maltos, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Paul Berry
    Chief Communications Officer

[ Pequeños Negocios, Propiedad de Mujeres o Minorías ]

The City of San Antonio is one of the fastest growing, diverse cities in the country and is dedicated to the advancement of Small, Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (S/M/WBEs). As the City grows, we want your business to grow too. We encourage individuals to contact the Public Works Department (PWD) Small Business office if they own, or work for an S/M/WBE.

Criteria to qualify as a Small, Minority and Women-owned Businesses

The Public Works Department (PWD) Small Business Office is available to help Small, Minority and Women-owned Businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Business has been operating in the City of San Antonio for at least one year
  • Branch office open for at least one year, with 20 percent of the company’s workforce in San Antonio
  • Annual revenue does not exceed $3 million

I want to know...

What types of construction-related businesses qualify?

What is the process to get registered and certified?

The Public Works Department (PWD) offers assistance to small, minority and women-owned contractors in the process of doing business with the City of San Antonio. Many of these opportunities are designed to comply with various local ordinances and/or state and federal laws.

To get connected, make sure your business is registered with the following:

Why is it important to complete all of the certification listed?

  • The South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency assists you to become certified and start doing business with the City.
  • The City of San Antonio New Vendor Registration will then automatically connect your business to the City of San Antonio e-Procurement System.
  • The SAePS is a portal to help you get connected and customize notifications for potential business opportunities.
  • Once registered as a vendor and you have received your SAePS Portal Login, make sure to check SAePS for updates and business opportunities.

To contact SAePS vendor support, please call (210) 207-0118 or e-mail: Vendor Support.

How do I learn more about the types of bidding opportunities that are available?

To stay up-to-date about business opportunities with the City of San Antonio visit: Bidding and Contracting Opportunities.

City of San Antonio commitment to helping S/M/WBE

  • Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Ordinance (PDF)
    An Ordinance amending the Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Ordinance to encourage the full and equitable utilization and development of Small Business Enterprises and Small Minority/Women Business Enterprises in the San Antonio Marketplace.
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program
    The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program ensures that the Department complies with 49 CFR Part 26 and to remedy past and current discrimination against disadvantaged businesses. The program ensures a “level playing field” and fosters equal opportunity in all Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Highway Association-assisted contracts that include highway and street construction.


For more information, please email or call 210.207.4633.