Speed Tables & Raised Crosswalks


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    Assistant Director
  • Luis Maltos, P.E.
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  • Paul Berry
    Chief Communications Officer
Speed Humps: Speed Tables/Raised Crosswalks

Speed tables are flat-topped speed humps that covers the entire width of the roadway. When outfitted with crosswalk markings and signage, the speed table becomes a raised crosswalk.

Speed Tables and Raised Crosswalks



  • Raised crosswalks improve safety for both pedestrians and vehicles
  • Effective in reducing vehicle speeds


  • May increase noise
  • Local street drainage may be impacted

Eligibility Considerations

  • The street segment must be primarily a residential street or provide access to abutting residential properties
  • Street must not have more than one lane of travel in each direction
  • Speed limit must be 30 mph
  • Documented operating speeds must be at least 35 mph or higher
  • Minimum traffic volume of 500 vehicles per day
  • Should only be placed at mid-block crossing locations
  • The street segment must not be so close to a San Antonio Fire Department facility that it significantly interferes with emergency vehicle operations


Reduced Speed          

Enhanced Safety          

Reduced Volume