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Mowing (Vegetation)
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Below is the City of San Antonio mowing schedule. This schedule may be delayed due to rain events or above average rainy periods during the year. See the mowing schedule for your area.

Mowing Areas Mowing Schedule (Cycles per year)
Median 12
Channels 4
Right of Ways (ROWs) 6
Flood Buy-out Properties 9

Soil conditions must be dry before mowing can occur, which may take several days to a week of dry weather. If mowing occurs when soils are still wet, erosion and water ponding may occur.

The City of San Antonio will only mow along area with wild flowers if they pose as a visual obstruction. If wild flowers can be saved, the City will mow around them.

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all vegetation within 5 feet of their fence or property line adjacent to channels or ROW. This 5 foot buffer protects utility structures and wires located in channels and ROW, Phone, Cable etc. It also prevents fence damage during mowing by the large tractors and mowers.  You can find more information about this policy here.

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all trees trimming and vegetation control within 5 feet of their abutting property line.

Code Compliance will give citations according to City code Section 14-61: Declaration of public nuisances; areas required to be kept clear; duty of property owners; time period to abate and Section 14-65 Summary abatement by City.

In order for the City of San Antonio to properly maintain every area, a prepared schedule must be maintained. However, mowing requests are evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if an out of cycle mowing should be scheduled based on a visual obstruction or safety concern.

The abutting property owner is responsible for trimming the trees that extend below 14 feet along the Right of Way.

Property owners are responsible for all maintenance of vegetation, weeds, grass and small trees abutting their property line.

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