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Published on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mass Selection of Design Consultants for the 2017-2022 Bond Program is Approved

Mass Selection of Design Consultants for the
2017-2022 Bond Program is Approved

City of San Antonio is committed to the growth and utilization of local small, minority & women-owned businesses through voter-approved $850 Million Bond Program


SAN ANTONIO (October 5, 2017) — As part of the mass selection of design consultants for the 2017-2022 Bond Program, 107 contracts estimated at $58 million were approved by City Council to move forward onto the design phase. The contracts included 48 streets and drainage, 14 buildings, and 45 park related projects. The City’s utilization of local small, minority, and women-owned businesses, surpassed previous results achieved during the 2012 bond mass selection process.  In total, 74 unique prime consultants were selected for award by City Council, of which 97 percent firms are located within the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

“Today’s selection is a demonstration of the City’s continued commitment to investing in our community,” City Manager Sheryl Sculley said. “We have worked diligently to develop and maintain a strong financial position that enables us to deliver comprehensive bond programs on-time and within budget. Through a combination of the 2007, 2012 and 2017 Bond Programs, we will complete nearly $2 billion in bond infrastructure improvement projects, with many of those dollars remaining here with local businesses who contribute to San Antonio’s economy.”

Of the design dollars awarded to local small, minority and women-owned businesses, 65% is estimated to be paid to small businesses, of which 50% will go to small businesses who are also minority or women-owned. Increases from the 2012 Bond mass selection process were realized in all primes categories.   There is a 4% or $13.8 million increase in awards to small businesses, a 3% or $10.8 million increase to minority and women-owned businesses, and a 2% or $1.5 million increase in awards to African-American businesses.

“The City is constantly striving to improve and surpass previous bond program benchmarks. This was done when voters approved the $850 million 2017 Bond Program in May, the largest municipal bond program in San Antonio’s history,” stated Mike Frisbie, Transportation & Capital Improvements Director and City Engineer. “We also had a goal to secure more local, minority, and women-owned businesses, which we have been able to accomplish as part of this mass selection of design consultants. It’s exciting to see local participation increase with each new bond program.”

The City of San Antonio provides transparency by including bond information and updates on a dedicated 2017-2022 Bond Program website and dashboard. The bond dashboard includes project status, budgets vs. actuals and includes a bond project map. To view the bond dashboard, visit


San Antonio: America’s 21st Century City

San Antonio is a global city with a dynamic economy and workforce, a deep cultural heritage and diverse communities that are resilient and welcoming. It is one of the strongest fiscally managed cities in the country with a vibrant business climate and a ‘AAA’ general obligation bond rating from all three major rating agencies. San Antonio is a city that nurtures entrepreneurship, encourages investment and funds infrastructure. America’s seventh-largest city offers growth opportunities in bioscience, financial services, aerospace, cybersecurity, energy, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare. In 2015, UNESCO designated San Antonio’s 18th century Spanish colonial missions as a World Heritage Site - the first in Texas. Proudly called Military City, USA®, San Antonio is home to one of the largest populations of active duty military, veterans and crucial military commands. In 2018, the city will celebrate its 300th anniversary, honoring its rich past and a bright future focused on innovation and livability. For more information, visit

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Author: Glenn A. Parker (ITSD)

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