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Broadway Corridor Phase IIIA (Broadway-Hildebrand)

**Hildebrand Ave. will be one-way eastbound from approximately the San Antonio River to New Braunfels Ave. beginning Monday January 14 at 5:00am**

View the detour routes related to this one-way change.

Project Limits
  • Broadway St: from Allensworth to Burr Rd.
  • Hildebrand Ave: from New Braunfels Ave. to San Antonio River/bridge
Project Scope

The Broadway Corridor Phase IIIA project will provide a drainage system designed to convey a 100-year storm event across Broadway Street, improving driving conditions and safety along Broadway Street and Hildebrand Avenue. This project also includes reconstruction of Broadway and Hildebrand with curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches, addition of turn lanes and traffic signal improvements. SAWS and CPS Energy will be replacing and adjusting the water, sewer and gas facilities throughout the project area. In addition, this project includes the construction of the approved Broadway Street/Hildebrand Avenue underground conversion project as part of the CPS Energy CIED Program to bury all overhead utility lines at the four corners of the intersection.


18 months

Construction Cost (including utilities)


Project Team
  • Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI), City of San Antonio
  • San Antonio Water System (SAWS)
  • CPS Energy
  • Freese and Nichols Inc. (FNI) – Engineer
  • Texas Sterling Construction LP – Contractor

View the project briefing that was presented on November 26, 2012.

View the project briefing that was presented on March 4, 2014.

Construction Began: January 7, 2013
Anticipated Construction Completion: SUMMER 2014
  • 20 phase construction plan
  • Minimum work hours: 11hrs/day, 6 days/week.
  • Work on Sundays for critical items
  • Full closure of intersection during night and/or weekend operations
Phase Description
1. Traffic Signal at Allensworth and Broadway
2. A) Sanitary Sewer Junction Structure in AT&T Driveway
B) Install Sanitary Sewer Line (C3) Crossing Hildebrand up to but not including sanitary sewer junction structure on UIW property
3. A) Construct Temporary Driveway into the UIW
B) Install 2 sanitary sewer junction structures concurrently during the UIW Winter School Break (Dec. 17 to Jan. 4)
C) Install 54" sewer pipe, set up bypass pumping and divert flows into the newly constructed sanitary sewer system. This work shall be completed during the UIW summer break only (May 13 to Aug. 10)
4. Construct gas* and water along Hildebrand
5. Construct water and CPS/telecom duct bank between River and Hildebrand
6. Construct water and gas* line through Broadway/Hildebrand intersection
7. Construct gas line along Broadway from Hildebrand to Burr, Construct gas* line across Broadway to Burr
8. Construct CPS/telecom at southwest corner of Broadway and Hildebrand
9. Construct CPS/telecom on westside Broadways from Hildebrand north
10. Construct CPS/telecom duct bank on southeast corner of Broadway and Hildebrand
11. Construct CPS/telecom duct bank on eastside Broadway from Hildebrand north
12. Construct gas, sanitary sewer, waterline, roadway, curb, sidewalks, drainage structures on eastside Broadway south of Hildebrand, westside Broadway north of Hildebrand and southside Hildebrand east of Broadway
13. Construct sanitary sewer line and roadway on center Broadway
14. Construct sanitary sewer line and roadway along Hildebrand east of Broadway
15. Construct Temporary Pavement on northside Hildebrand, Construct New Driveway at UIW
16. Construct drainage structure, roadway, driveways, curbs, sidewalk on southside Hildebrand from River to Broadway
17. Construct drainage* structure through Broadway-Hildebrand intersection
18. Construct roadway, driveways, curbs, sidewalks, utilities, drainage structures on westside Broadway south of Hildebrand and eastside Broadway north of Hildebrand. Water line on Broadway and Allensworth. *Close Burr Rd at Broadway to install drainage structure.
19. Construct roadway, driveways, curbs, sidewalks, drainage structures on north Hildebrand
20. Finish out intersections and medians, final lift of asphalt, pavement markings, mill and overlay Hildebrand from New Braunfels Avenue to east of Hildebrand

Phases 1-5Phases 6-10Phases 11-15 | Phases 16-20

Work Status Archive

To view past work status go to Broadway-Hildebrand Archive.

Contact Us about Broadway-Hildebrand

John Donnelly
Capital Projects Officer
City of San Antonio

Arnold Ramirez
Project Manager
City of San Antonio

Claudia Tovar
Project Engineer
City of San Antonio


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