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  • Physical Address
  • Municipal Plaza Building
    114 W. Commerce, 6th Floor
    San Antonio, TX 78205   
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box 839966
    San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
  • Phone
  • 210.207.8022


  • Razi Hosseini, P.E.
    Director/City Engineer
  • Anthony Chukwudolue, P.E.
    Deputy Director
  • Christie Chapman
    Assistant Director
  • Nefi Garza, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Paul Berry
    Chief Communications Officer

Purchasing City Property

The City of San Antonio does not have property for sale at this time. Any request to purchase City of San Antonio properties that are declared as surplus to the needs of the City and utility agencies should be submitted in writing. 

Please submit inquiries by email and include Interest in City Property in the subject line and include exhibits such as a plat or map of the area, pictures of signage or monuments and other visuals that can assist in processing the request. 

The request should include the date, the request, purpose, the petitioner (requestor), a representative if applicable, and contact information such as address, phone number and email. Requestors may also use the petition form.

Requests should be mailed to: Real Estate Dispositions, TCI, P. O. Box 839966, San Antonio, TX 78283-3966 or emailed to Kevin Sadler with Interest in City Property in the subject line.


Processing Fee Schedule

 Encroachments onto Public Streets Alleys $100 Processing Fee
 Governmental-Related Agreements $500 Permit Fee 
 Use of City Easement Property by Private Parties $500 Processing Fee 
 Licenses of City Property $500 Processing Fee 
 Closure, Vacation and Abandonment of Public Right of Way * $815 Processing Fee 
 Sale of Surplus Real Property $815 Processing Fee 
 Granting and Releasing Easements $815 Processing Fee 
 Rights of Entry $815 Processing Fee 

Fees are subject to change, and are updated in Municipal Code, Chapter 37.

* For a Close/Vacate/Abandonment of a public right-of-way (street or alley); signatures are required by ALL abutting property owners before your request will be processed.

Once a request is received, it will be assigned to a Management Analyst who will review the request. 

The Management Analyst will contact the requestor to confirm that the request is in process, request additional information if needed and/or to ask questions to clarify the request. 

The Management Analyst will guide the requestor throughout the process by providing updates on the status of the request and providing a task list of items to be completed.

Click here for more information on the items listed above.


Kevin Sadler
Real Estate Manager
PWD Real Estate
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
Click here to email

Special Note

Wireless Tower Rentals and Fiber Optic Cable requests are now handled through the Information Technology Services Department (ITSD). For more information, call 210.207.8301 or visit their website.

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