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Small Cell Permits

Small Cell Right-of-Way Permits

Effective September 1, 2017, the City of San Antonio has a new application process for small-cell facilities in the public right-of-way.

This new process is in accordance with Texas Senate Bill 1004, amending the Local Government Code by adding Chapter 284 – Deployment of Network Nodes in Public Right-of-Way, enacted by the State of Texas on June 9, 2017.

Small-cell facilities are typically comprised of network nodes, antennas, associated wireless equipment, and transport facilities. Following this process will facilitate in the installation of small-cell facilities within the public right-of-way on municipally-owned service poles, CPS Energy poles, and also privately owned network node support poles.

Submission & Review Process

Follow these steps for permit submission, review, and approval of installation of small-cell facilities in the City’s public rights-of-way:

Step 1: Project Type

Before registering and/or applying for the permits required for installation of small-cell facilities on new or existing structures within City of San Antonio public right-of-way, determine if your project meets the definition of a small-cell facility, as outlined in Chapter 29 of the Right-of-Way Ordinance, and Chapter 37 of the Network Node Installation Guidelines and Design Manual.  

The applicant is encouraged to review the City of San Antonio Right-of-Way Ordinance and Network Node Installation Guidelines and Design Manual located in the City of San Antonio’s Codes and Ordinances.

Step 2: Registration of Small-Cell Network Provider

Before applying for permits, the network provider seeking to install small-cell facilities must register with the City of San Antonio Right-of-Way division. The annual registration fee of $45.00, certificate of insurance and performance bond are required in order to complete the registration process. Certificate of insurance and performance bond documents are to be uploaded during registration.

Insurance requirements:

  • $5 million or more coverage (general liability and umbrella aggregate combined)
  • $1 million auto liability
  • $1 million in workers compensation

Bonding requirements (two options):

  • $100K Performance Bond for unlimited permits for the duration of the bond
  • $10K Performance Bond per permit

STEP 3: Required Application and Project Information Form Submittals

A permit for the installation of network nodes, node support poles, and/or transport facilities is required and can be obtained City of San Antonio Right-of-Way Use Permits. Designate on the application whether the permit is for network nodes, poles or transport facilities and the number of each being requested.

Additionally, a Network Provider Project Information Form (PIF) must be completed once the permit application has been submitted through the Right-of-Way permits page. A PIF is required for each permit. This form will help the City to understand the type of work being requested and streamline the review process. A completed Project Information Form and questions can be submitted to Michael Bocanegra.

Permit application fee payments are made at the City of San Antonio’s Development Services Department “One Stop” building located at 1901 S. Alamo St., 78204; or by phone at 210-207-6949. All permit application fees must be paid in full prior to departmental review. Any permit submitted without payment will not be considered complete.

Application Fees

The following fees are due at time of submittal of the application:

  • $500 for each permit application containing up to five (5) network nodes. Maximum of 30 network nodes per application.
  • $250 for each additional network nodes beyond five (5).
  • $1,000 for each new network-node-support pole.

STEP 4: Application Review Process

The following review processes are applicable based upon the type of permit listed below: Once permit application, associated fees, and Network Provider Project Information Form have been completed, the City of San Antonio’s Right-of-Way division will begin the initial review process in accordance with Chapter 284 of the Texas Local Government Code.

City of San Antonio has 30 days to complete the initial review of each network node permit application and applicants will be notified by the City’s Right-of-Way division whether the permit application is incomplete and what specific information is missing.

City of San Antonio has 30 days to complete the initial review of each support pole permit application and applicants will be notified by City’s Right-of-Way division whether the permit application is incomplete and what specific information is missing.

City of San Antonio has 10 days to complete the initial review of each transport facility permit application and applicants will be notified by the City’s Right-of-Way division whether the permit application is incomplete and what specific information is missing.

Once the application is deemed complete during initial reviews, the City’s Right-of-Way division will review the entire permit and notify the applicant of approval or denial as follows:

  • Within 60 days for network nodes.
  • Within 150 days for support poles.
  • Within 21 days for transport facilities.

Once the permit is approved, the City’s Right-of-Way division will notify the applicant of approved status and permit through electronic communication. 48 hours prior to start of work, applicant is required to contact the Right-of-Way division at 210-207-6949. The applicant has 6 months to complete the work from date of approval.

Application Requirements
  • A fully completed and signed permit application as noted above. The permit will be issued in the name of the network provider applying for the permit.
  • All application fees must be paid at time of submittal. Applications will not be reviewed until payment has been made.
  • If applicable, an applicant proposing collocation on a City-owned service pole must submit a specific address to include a GPS coordinate for that pole at the time of filing the permit application. An applicant proposing collocation on any other pole must submit a signed agreement with the pole’s owner allowing for the collocation at the pole’s specific address at the time of filing the permit application. For example, if small-cell facilities will be attached to a CPS pole, approval from CPS is required for each pole with the specific CPS assigned address for the pole.
  • On the application, each proposed small-cell-facility installation location shall have an address. Address assignment can be obtained by contacting the Development Services Department at 210-207-1111; or by visiting their website. Listing multiple addresses on an application is acceptable. Please provide an aerial map of exact locations of proposed facilities.
  • The applicant shall disclose where the proposed facilities will be located in a design district, as outlined in Chapter 37’s “Design Manual”, which includes Downtown; Historic districts and/or Historic Landmarks; River Improvement Overlay; Neighborhood Conservation District; Corridor Improvement Overlay; Viewshed and Mission Protection; Airport/Military Airport Overlay; Form-Based Zoning District; Undergrounding Utility Requirement areas; parks; and within a residential district. All submitted requests will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • One (1) set of plans in PDF format and Network Provider Project Information Form shall be emailed and/or attached to the permit application and shall include the following:
    1. Approval from the public utility owner of the structure, such a CPS Energy, granting permission to the wireless service provider to collocate equipment on each existing structure associated with such permit.
    2. Vicinity map showing the locations of existing structure(s) to which small-cell facilities shown on each application are proposed to be attached. All locations will be reviewed for potential conflicts with pending City of San Antonio Capital Improvements Projects and Infrastructure Management Program projects. Any identified conflicts may require revisions to the proposed small-cell-facility-installation location(s). Identify other small-cell installations within the vicinity.
    3. The type(s) of equipment to be attached and/or installed at each location.
    4. The plans shall show an elevation profile indicating the height and dimensions of each existing structure.
    5. The plans shall depict and dimension any and all infrastructure proposed to be installed to support the small cell facility, including but not limited to: any equipment located within the right-of-way, antennas, meters, concealment boxes, grounding equipment, power transfer or cut-off switches, cabinets, vertical cable runs, horizontal fiber runs, and power source locations. Include the cubic feet of antennae, the cubic feet ancillary wireless equipment associated with each facility installation location, and the total cubic feet combined.
    6. For equipment attached to poles, State of Texas engineer’s seal, signature, date may be required.
    7. Provide a dated aerial photograph of the overall site depicting the site’s relation to major streets and highways and poles. For any application requesting a new pole, “street view” photos are required showing the before and after conditions.
    8. For transport service, if third-party transport services are used, the applicant must provide documentation that the third-party provider is paying city fees and that the applicant has received written permission to use the specifically addressed transport services.

Monthly & Annual Fees

The City collects all monthly and annual fees permitted by Chapter 284, for small-cell facilities. The fees are charged to the owners of the network node, who are not necessarily the entities filing the ROW permit. Annual and monthly fees are billed the 1st of the month following the approval date of the application. Small cell equipment owners will receive invoices for these fees directly. These fees include:

  • $20 per municipal service pole per year.
  • $250 per node per year *
  • $28 for wireline transport facilities per node per month

* Chapter 284 allows this fee to be increased annually by ½ of the annual consumer price index (CPI).