Temporary Street Closure Procedures for Block Parties


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Requests for temporary street closures associated with block parties, festivals, etc. throughout San Antonio must be submitted to the Right-of-Way Management Division at least 30 calendar days prior to the date for which the closure is needed, in writing via the Temporary Street Closure Agreement Form. This process is used to inform the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, and VIA Metropolitan Transit for planning purposes as well as to ensure that the community follows the correct street barricading procedures for the safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

  1. Ordinance 2009-09-171-0713L established the fee of $100.00 per block per calendar day for temporary street closures.
  2. All requests should be submitted in writing to Right-of-Way Management Division 30 days before the event.
  3. Applicant must submit a completed, dated and signed Temporary Street Closure Agreement Form to the CBD Coordinator for the Right-of-Way Management Division (ROW) of the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department.
  4. The CBD Coordinator will route the request to the San Antonio Fire Department and the San Antonio Police Department. ROW staff will also evaluate the feasibility of the temporary closure, and the subsequent impact on traffic.
  5. Upon receipt of approvals from the Fire and Police Departments, and confirmation of the feasibility, ROW staff will recommend approval of a permit to the Office of the City Manager.
  6. Upon receipt of approval from the Office of the City Manager, the applicant will be contacted by the CBD Coordinator for payment.

Information required in the Temporary Street Closure Agreement Form for all street closures is as follows:

  1. Purpose of temporary street closure.
  2. Name of street to be closed plus the names of intersecting streets.
  3. Dates and times of beginning and ending of closure; applicants should ensure that they have adequate time for set-up and removal of any traffic obstructions within the closure.
  4. The City Council District in which the street closure is scheduled to occur.
  5. Determine if any other permits will be required for specified activity within the City’s right-of-way, for example vending permits.
  6. Acknowledgement in writing from all residents and businesses whose property or driveways front the street being closed, regardless of whether or not they are participating in the event.
  7. A person’s name, address, and telephone number as a contact for future information.
  8. Name of the Barricade Company that will provide and setup barricades for the event (a number of local, certified, barricade companies are listed in the telephone directory).
  9. The City may require a detailed site plan or traffic control plan.

The cost for temporary street closures is $100.00 per block, per calendar day. Streets that are not primarily residential in character will not normally be considered for this type of closure. Please contact Right-of-Way Management at (210) 207-6949 for more information or with questions.

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