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RFQ - Request for Qualifications

A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is a solicitation instrument used to gather information regarding a firm’s capabilities, qualifications, and competence. RFQs are commonly used for architectural services, landscape architectural services, engineering services, and land surveying, where the City is required to select based on competence and qualifications, and cannot inquire about price until after the selection is made.

The Texas Government Code Chapter 2254 governs the procurement of professional services for the disciplines identified in that statute. In addition to the ones mentioned above, the following disciplines are listed: accounting, optometry, medicine, real estate appraising, and nursing. Selection for these services cannot be awarded on the basis of cost alone. Evaluations are made on the basis of competence and qualifications, for a fair and reasonable price.

The development of an RFQ tracks the RFP development process that is described in the proceeding pages. The exception, as mentioned, is that an RFQ for certain professional services cannot have price as an evaluation factor.

The City Attorney’s Office, Purchasing, Risk Management, and the Small Business Program Office of the Economic Development Department should be contacted for advice and assistance early in the process of developing all RFQs. Each of these offices must review and approve their prospective RFQ sections prior to release.

RFQ solicitations must be advertised in a newspaper publication and posted on the City's website for a minimum of 30 days. The newspaper publication and posting on the website must occur on the same day. Note: The website posting may occur on an earlier date than the newspaper publication; however, the 30 day count would begin on the actual date of the published newspaper advertisement. In the event that the newspaper publication appears before the website posting, then the 30 day count would begin on the actual date of the web posting.