Runoff Is Your Business

San Antonio is a business-friendly city. Businesses increase economic growth, opportunity and innovation for our residents and families across the community.

Like residents, however, our businesses share an equal responsibility in protecting our rivers, creeks and natural waterways from pollution that results from daily activities or operations. Whether your business conducts activities indoors or outdoors, all businesses should take comprehensive steps to help prevent polluted storm water runoff from entering our waterways.



Operational Priorities for Businesses

River-friendly business operations seek to prioritize and optimize standard operating practices at their sites in the following general areas:

  • Proper handling, reduction and disposal of solid waste, including household hazardous waste (HHW)
  • Proper storage of equipment and hazardous products, including designated storage areas away from storm drains
  • Source reduction – ordering and using only the amount(s) of hazardous materials and products needed to conduct and complete business activities, including hazardous materials used for commercial property landscape maintenance and commercial equipment maintenance
  • Surface runoff control – using infrastructure solutions such as berms or drainage ditches which are designed to impede business-generated runoff flows across parking lots and open paved areas
  • Education, training and quality assurance monitoring of employees and subcontractors about storm water management requirements and runoff pollution prevention responsibilities
  • Adoption of recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs) and implementation of good housekeeping practices at your business site in order to minimize storm water runoff contact with potential pollutants and comply with local city and state storm water regulations

Best Management Practices (BMPs) & Online Resources for Businesses

Review Best Management Practices (BMPs) recommended for area businesses as well as more information and resources on the MS4 permit and commercial storm water regulations by visiting the following sections.

About Remember the River

Remember the River is a community campaign focused on nonpoint source pollution prevention outreach and education. The campaign is led by the City of San Antonio.

All campaign education and outreach efforts are conducted in compliance with educational/outreach guidelines established under a TPDES Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) discharge permit regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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