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Industrial facilities manage, conduct and control critical manufacturing, sanitation, and development operations which help drive business and economic growth in San Antonio. Industrial facility operators work with the City of San Antonio, San Antonio Water System and other entities to monitor and regulate industrial activities. However, all facilities retain a responsibility and priority to prevent pollutants from contaminating storm water runoff.

Implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) across industrial facility operations, procedures, and employee training help facilities protect storm water runoff from adverse exposure to industrial chemical pollutants. San Antonio’s Phase I MS4 storm water discharge permit regulates and prohibits nonpoint source pollutant infiltration and contamination of area rivers, creeks and channels as a result of commercial industrial activities.

Operational Priorities for Industrial Facilities

River-friendly industrial facility operations successfully demonstrate the following priorities with regard to standard operating practices at their work sites:

  • Implementing measures and procedures designed to prevent water runoff from coming into contact with working areas, including shipping, loading, cargo areas, and equipment, storage and facility operations areas.
  • Preventing rainfall from reaching working areas through installation of roofs, placing structures or through indoor operations.
  • Avoiding practices in which used water and wastewater enter storm drains as a result of outdoor washing.
  • Implementing measures and procedures which prevent industrial pollutants and by products from coming into contact with water. 
  • Identifying facility areas which are contacted by storm water, wash water, or unpolluted cooling water that ordinarily discharge into a storm drain.
  • Containing and cleaning all minor leaks and spills.
  • Evaluating current standard operating procedures and facility equipment operations in order to identify any instances of industrial chemical pollutant exposure to storm water runoff, and revising procedures to reduce or eliminate exposure risks.
  • Managing necessary and unavoidable industrial pollutant contact with storm water, and implementing measures and procedures designed to remove or mitigate pollutant volume in storm water prior to discharge as needed.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) & Online Resources for Industrial Facilities

Review Best Management Practices (BMPs) recommended for area commercial industrial facilities as well as more information and resources on the MS4 Permit and commercial storm water regulations by visiting the following sections.

About Remember the River

Remember the River is a community campaign focused on nonpoint source pollution prevention outreach and education. The campaign is led by the City of San Antonio.

All campaign education and outreach efforts are conducted in compliance with educational/outreach guidelines established under a TPDES Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) discharge permit regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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