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The City of San Antonio works hard to keep our streets and drainage system clear of trash and pollutants.  Yet litter and waste still find their way down our storm drains and into our river and creeks following rainstorms.  When it comes to preventing pollution, our waterways could use an extra hand.

How can you help?

Consider forming an Adopt-A-Spot group and help keep City-owned rights-of-way, street medians, drainage channels, and green spaces clear from debris.   You and your team of volunteers can help pick up trash and beautify the area at scheduled times during the year.

Adopt-A-Spot groups are excellent opportunities for businesses, neighborhood associations, volunteer groups, civic groups and others to make a difference in the environment together.  Adopt-A-Spot groups help prevent illicitly dumped trash, clippings and other kinds of wastes from washing into our rivers and creeks.  

How To Form An Adopt-A-Spot Group:

  1. Locate an outdoor public spot (i.e., drainage ditch, street median, green space, right-of-way) that you and your group would be interested in adopting.  PLEASE NOTE: the site must be owned/managed by the City of San Antonio. Private properties and public properties managed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) are ineligible for adoption.
  2. Assess the spot for need. Is there a lot of trash and litter on the ground?  Is grass or other vegetation in the area wilting or overgrown?
  3. Determine if you and your group are interested and can safely maintain/beautify the spot.
  4. Identify whether the spot is eligible for adoption through the program: A) use the LOCATE AN ADOPT-A-SPOT online map to identify nearby eligible Adopt-A-Spot sites, or contact Jean Martinez at 210-207-0724.
  5. If the spot is eligible for adoption, download an Adopt-A-Spot Maintenance Agreement to print, sign and submit to Jean Martinez via email.  Maintenance Agreements vary depending on the type of activity (trash pickup, beautification) and the persons conducting the activity (individual volunteers, third-party contractor hired by group).  
  6. Once the agreement is reviewed and approved by the City, your group can begin planning and performing maintenance activities at your designated site with information and support from Keep San Antonio Beautiful.  A custom-built street sign with your group's name will be installed at your site in recognition of your effort for the duration of your adoption.

Adopt-A-Spot Group perks include:

  • Free-of-charge Right-of-Way City permits for Adopt-A-Spot maintenance
  • Free trash bags provided for your group's loan and use as needed
  • Public recognition street sign at your Adopt-A-Spot location with your group/organization’s name for as long as your group maintains your spot 
  • Trash bag pickup upon request
  • Vegetation maintenance help (i.e., staff guidance on planting ideas, trimming methods, etc.)

Find An Adopt-A-Spot Site Near You:

You can use our Adopt-A-Spot Locator Map to find nearby Adopt-A-Spot sites available for trash pickup and beautification maintenance:

  1. Open the Adopt-A-Spot Locator Map
  2. In the address field, type in a street address (street number, street name) to select an area where you and your group are interested in working.
  3. Using your mouse, find and click on any site area (highlighted in color) for information on the type of spot (Green Space, Drainage Channel, Street Median, Right-of-Way) and its adoption status.
  4. If the spot is available, submit your application to Jean Martinez to initiate the adoption process. Please indicate the VC number of each location your group wishes to adopt.

Agreement Forms & Literature

Select and download one of the four Adopt-A-Spot Maintenance Agreements below based on the type of maintenance activity your group will pursue and who will perform the maintenance services:



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