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June is National Safety Month!

Let’s participate by making our San Antonio waterways safer and cleaner.

Welcome to the Storm Water blog, where we will soon be highlighting the improvements to our city’s storm water drainage systems.

Did you know?

  • San Antonio is home to nearly 2,000 miles of storm water networks.
  • There are 146 low water crossings in San Antonio.
  • Six inches of water on a road will cause a car’s tires to lose traction.
  • A foot of water running across a road will cause a vehicle to float away.
  • “Turn around, don’t drown!” when you see water rising on the roads.

Transportation & Capital Improvements engineers are working to create a network of drainage projects that will enhance San Antonio’s ability to recover quickly from inclement weather and protect citizens and their properties. Look for this space to include interviews, and videos with some of our area’s newsmakers who help maintain, fix, and improve San Antonio’s storm water systems.

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Remember the River is a community campaign focused on nonpoint source pollution prevention outreach and education. The campaign is led by the City of San Antonio.

All campaign education and outreach efforts are conducted in compliance with educational/outreach guidelines established under a TPDES Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) discharge permit regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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