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San Antonio River

During a storm, patches of rain may only fall in certain places, but rainfall runoff flows across the ground everywhere.  The City of San Antonio manages thousands of miles of public streets, sidewalks, and drainage channels.  

Rainfall runoff picks up everything loose, dumped or leaked across all of these and carries it into the city's separate storm sewer system.  The storm sewers each drain into our natural waterways, which means that everything in the runoff also drains into them as well.    

Understanding how rainfall runoff carries everyday pollutants into our rivers and creeks is an important first step in knowing how to reduce and prevent them from contaminating our water.  Not only do we depend on the water for drinking, swimming, fishing and recreation, but dozens of native plant and wildlife species depend on clean, healthy waterways for survival.       

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Runoff - How it Pollutes

Water Facts and Impacts

About Remember the River

Remember the River is a community campaign focused on nonpoint source pollution prevention outreach and education. The campaign is led by the City of San Antonio.

All campaign education and outreach efforts are conducted in compliance with educational/outreach guidelines established under a TPDES Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) discharge permit regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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