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Claims Administration provide insurance related services to departments and foster goodwill between the City and its citizens through good faith claim processing to the City. Services include oversight of the City’s Workers Compensation (WC) Program, management of the City’s Modified Work Assignment Program, subrogation recovery against third parties responsible for injury to City employees and damage to City property, and claims management of the City’s General and Auto Liability Claims.

The Liability Division manages claims brought against the City of San Antonio for damage to property and for personal injuries. Conversely, the section is also responsible for pursuing claims against third-parties, whether individuals or companies, who have damaged City property.

Filing a Claim Against the City

If you believe you have been injured by the City, you must first notify the City Clerk’s Office of your intention to pursue a claim. 

To pursue a claim, use the Claims Form below and follow the instructions on the form.

The Workers’ Compensation Division provides assistance to injured workers throughout their claims process, oversees management of the City’s Third Party Administrator who is responsible for administering WC benefits under the City’s self-insured WC Program, acts as a liaison between the City and the WC Third Party Administrator, and partners with departments in the coordination of modified work assignments for injured City employees. For more information, refer to AD 4.84 Workers' Compensation.

Reporting an Injury

You must immediately notify your supervisor in the event of an on-the-job injury or illness. Failure to report an injury (or appearance of an illness) within 30 days may cause your claim to be denied.

Modified Work Assignment Program

The Modified Work Assignment Program is designed to assist all full-time, permanent employees return to their previous position following an on-the-job injury or illness. For more information, refer to AD 4.37 (PDF)

1305 Workers' compensation health care network

ORM is excited to share that the City is entering into a certified workers' compensation network with IMO Med-Select, effective April 1, 2019.

The Network requires for each employee to receive network notification and sign/return an acknowledgment sheet.

Process & Forms

The Workers’ Compensation Division partners with departments to ensure all regulatory reporting and forms have been submitted for each injured City employee’s claim to TRISTAR Risk Management Services, the City’s Third Party Administrator. The Third Party Administrator will investigate, evaluate and administer any Workers Compensation benefits that are due directly to the City’s injured employees.

Some of the most important forms required to process a Workers’ Compensation claim are listed below:

  • Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness (DWC1): This form is completed by an injured employee’s immediate supervisor and submitted to the department’s Human Resource Specialist within 24 hours of the injury or notice of illness.
  • Wage Statement (DWC 3): This form is completed by Human Resources for any employee who has lost time from work due to a work-related injury. Completed forms should be mailed to
  • Supplemental Report of Injury or Illness Supplemental Report of Injury (DWC 6): This form documents the period(s) of lost time from work, the date an employee returns to modified duty or full duty, and changes in an injured employee’s employment and/or work status.

If you have questions relating to a reported claim, contact TRISTAR Risk Management Services at 210.404.0400.