La Orilla Del Rio Ballroom

Rental & Pricing

Reservations for the use of La Orilla Del Rio Ballroom can be made by submitting a completed application and deposit to the building representative located at 203 S. St. Mary's Street.

Please call 210.207.2753 for information.


Space Price Minimum * Maximum ** Classroom Seating Banquet Seating
La Orilla Del Rio Ballroom $ 125.00 / hour $ 250.00 $ 1,000.00
165 - 200 150
Small Conference Room $ 20.00 / hour $ 40.00 $ 160.00
Both Rooms $ 1,100.00   220   
La Orillita (River Patio)       75   
Atrium Gallery $ 125.00 / hour $ 250.00 $ 1,000.00

  * Two hour minimum fee per day
 ** Eight hour maximum fee per day


Parking is not included in pricing, but is available nearby; standard parking fees apply and are the responsibility of the customer.

Qualified Caterers

Select from this list of the City’s most renowned caterers to make your event truly unforgettable.

Catering Company Contact Phone Fax
Absolutely Delicious Catering Veronica Esparza 210.342.2321 210.340.3153 
Anne Marie's Catering Holly Buske 210.545.2249 210.494.4958 
Page Barteau Catering Page Barteau  210.821.5371  210.733-9901 
Biga on the Banks Perny Shea 210.225.0722 210.225.1052 
Black Tie Affairs Debbie Gonzaba 210.226.9881 210.226.9883
Catalyst Catering
Catering by Celebrations Richard Espinosa 210.732.5070
Catering by Chef Jerry  Jerry Olivari  210.735.6500   
Don Strange Catering Lynette Nelson 210.434.2331 210.434.5300
Fresh Horizons Catering Kathy Olson 210.226.5919 210.226.1800
Grady's BBQ Ysenia Figueroa / Crystal Garcia 210.732.3571 210.732.0910
Heavenly Gourmet Loretta Ortiz 210.496.9090 210.590.2355
Infinity Gourmet Patricia Lujan 210.378.9810
Jason's Deli (Colonade - IH10 West location only)
210.690.3354 210.690.3436
Picante Grill Gonzalo Pozo 210.685.3123 210.822.0483
Rosemary's Catering Dawn Dawes 210.223.2680 210.223.9950
S. A. Catering Marcella Rodriguez 210.724.9728 210.228.9925
Spice of Life Catering Jessica Silvagio 210.366.1220
True Flavors Catering Johnny Hernandez 210.226.3670
Westin Hotel Doreen Patino 210.444.6022 210.444.6040
CowGirls Unlimited Bar Service
Rookie's Bar Service
Got It Covered Events Martha Valdez 210.967.3183 210.967.3182
PG Events Jesse Lopez 210.843.7229


Individual Items Packages
Item Pricing *
Full lectern or table top lectern no microphone $25.00
Microphone (per each) $ 20.00
Lavalier wireless microphones and receiver $ 60.00
Use of playback device (CD, DVD, VHS) or screen $ 60.00


Equipment Packages
Item Pricing *
Ballroom Package I
Includes full lectern or table top lectern, sound system and microphone
$ 40.00
 + Add 2 lavalier wireless microphones and receiver $ 50.00
Ballroom Package II
Includes screen, one projector device (slide or LCD), wireless remote, fulllectern or table top lectern with microphone and sound system
$ 150.00
 + Add one playback device (CD, DVD, VHS) $ 50.00
 + Add 2 lavalier wireless microphones and receiver $ 50.00
Audio Package
Includes use of sound system, mixer and one playback device(CD) and one microphone)
$ 100.00
Small Conference Room Package
Includes use of sound system, mixer and one playback device(CD) and one microphone)
$ 50.00

* Prices subject to change at any time.


Additional fees may be charged for staff and services. The City reserves the right to determine the security requirements for any event held at the La Orilla Del Rio. Additional fees may be applicable, including after hours security, custodial services and staff, as shown below. If food or beverages are desired, a caterer must be selected from our List of Qualified Caterers.

Personnel Services Pricing
Security personnel * Customer responsibility to contract for this separately
Additional Attending staff $ 30.00 / hour (4 hr minimum)
Fee For Custodial services ** $ 20.00 / hour (4 hr minimum)

* In accordance with City ordinance, a sworn public officer must be present at all times where alcohol is served. The customer will be required to show proof that security personnel has been retained.
** Event Coordinator to determine the number of custodians/security personnel required for event.

Stunning event center on the river

Ballroom set up for conference.

Ballroom setup for a conference.

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