Applicant Phase

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Yes, applicants must be between the ages of 19 and 34. More info on Applicant Minimum Qualifications.
No, there are no exceptions made for our age requirement, and prior military service does not influence the set limits. More info on Applicant Minimum Qualifications.
Within the 12 months preceding the date of taking the written examination. More info on Applicant Minimum Qualifications.
You must include the dates, offenses and action taken. For accuracy, go to your state and local law enforcement agency and request a copy of your driving and criminal record.
One of the minimum qualifications states that the applicant can not have any discharge from the Armed Forces other than honorable or uncharacterized (entry level separation). More info on Applicant Minimum Qualifications.
Yes. If you make it to the Background Phase of the hiring process, an additional set of factors will be used to determine if you're hirable by the SAFD. See Applicant Phase-Suitability Factors.
Some offenses which have been declared by the Judiciary to involve moral turpitude are theft, swindling, burglary, tax evasion, forgery, perjury, bribery, sale of narcotics, etc.
Our minimum qualification is that the applicant has a GED or a high school diploma. Prior experience will be taken into consideration, but it will not necessarily help or hurt your chances.
Pursuant to state law, the SAFD accepts applications and tests once a year. Please fill out the Job Interest Card and you'll be notified by email when the SAFD is accepting applications.
No. There is no cost to take the entrance examination.
The examination is 3 hours and 30 minutes and there are 250 questions.
In the past we have had approximately two thousand people show up for the test.
The SAFD only recommends study material that the testing company provides/and or approves. See Fire Fighter Study Guide #1. There is also a 50 question practice exam provided. See SAFD 50 Question Practice Exam.
All scores will be posted on the webpage 4-6 weeks after taking the written exam. See Current Applicant.
Upon entering the test site you will be directed to randomly pull a contact information card from a box. That card will have a number printed on it. This will be your lottery number. That number will then be attached to your answer sheet. If several applicants receive the same score, the answer sheet(s) with the lowest lottery number will rank higher on the eligibility list.

Candidate Phase

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The CPAT is made up of eight separate events that are meant to simulate the strenuous, physical activities a Firefighter would have to do when responding to a fire. The CPAT is a timed, pass/fail test. More information about the CPAT.
The CPAT can be given anywhere between eight weeks to one year following the written exam.
No. The training will be provided by the San Antonio Fire Dept. at no charge. In fact, once you begin training you will be paid a salary. More information about Firefighter Wages & Benefits.
The San Antonio Fire Department will offer you a position in the cadet class. If you are unable to accept, your name will be dropped from consideration. However, the military may offer an early out program that you might want to consider.

Cadet Phase

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The cadet school is approximately five and one-half months. It is conducted in San Antonio at the Fire Academy located at 300 S. Callaghan Rd. Cadets report to training Monday through Friday from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM However, during the Emergency Medical Training course, your hours may vary.
If you are already a National Registered EMT (NREMT), you will not have to re-take the National Registry EMT certification exam. You will still have to participate in the five week program, and pass the tests administered through the UT Health Science Center system.
At the end of the cadet class, you will be given a list of available openings in the department. Openings are filled based on seniority.

General Employment

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Yes. We have various special pay scales. EMS, Hazmat, Arson, Rescue and Aviation are some of the divisions that receive special pay. More information about Firefighter Wages & Benefits.
The SAFD offer up to 15 working days annually for military leave. There is also vacation time and trading of time that one can exercise, if needed. More information about Firefighter Wages & Benefits.
Yes, there is incentive pay for achieving different educational levels. More information about Firefighter Wages & Benefits.