College Students
Everyone knows that attending college means more responsibilities and takes more dedication.
  • Besides Fire Fighting or Emergency responses, there are many career possibilities with your degree from the college or university that you are currently attending or about to graduate from.
  • After you have earned your degree, you are rewarded with an extra incentive pay each month.
  • Firefighter Wages & Benefits.
  • Below are just some ways your degree qualifies you for alternate fire fighting career paths.


With a degree in: persue a career in:
Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science Administration, Chief, Captain, Inspector, Operations, Emergency Services, Training, Support Services, Fiscal, Personnel Services, Management Information Services
Biology, Chemistry, Nursing Arson Investigative Services, Haz-mat Team, Emergency Medical Services
English, Communications Administration, Media Relations, Dispatch
Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Community Relations/Public Education, Personnel Services
Education Training, Health and Safety, Community Relations/Public Education, Haz-mat Team, Technical Rescue Team, Recruiting
Engineering Aircraft Fire Fighting, Technical Rescue Team, Building Inspection and Construction Services, Hazmat
Criminal Justice Arson Investigative Services


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