Administrative Services

General Information

The Administrative Services Section is under the direction of a Deputy Fire Chief and includes:

  • the Public Information Office (PIO)
  • the Planning and Research Division
  • the Fiscal Management Division
  • the Logistics/Services Division

These Divisions are responsible for serving and supporting department personnel and external customers by providing the necessary administrative infrastructure required to sustain business operations. The Division also coordinates with the City of San Antonio Capital Improvements Management Services (CIMS) Department all SAFD capital projects including replacement of existing facilities including fire stations, and the addition of new Fire Stations or other facilities.

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office handles information requests and other external communications for the department. The PIO office manages the flow of information both to the general public as well as the SAFD family. They cover SAFD major events from ground breaking for new facilities, to large emergency incidents. The division publishes the SAFD monthly newsletter, the annual report, manages SAFD social media outlets, and handles department open record requests.

Planning and Research

The Planning and Research Division is responsible for developing, monitoring and analyzing performance measures and metrics as well as the Department’s strategic plan. The division conducts fiscal and operational impact studies involving potential annexation, city comparisons, and SAFD resource allocation.

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management Division is responsible for managing the Department’s financial operations, budget preparation and monitoring, and conducts procurement and contracting activities. The division is responsible for managing the departments various fee collections, donations and contributions, and any grants not maintained through the Office of Emergency Management.

Logistics and Services

The largest component of the Administrative Services Division is the Logistics and Services which is comprised of Fleet Management, Facilities Management, and Supplies (Fire and EMS). The division is responsible for ensuring all of the SAFD emergency vehicles are in safe and operable condition and that all SAFD equipment, including breathing apparatus, is maintained. The division is also responsible for repairs and maintenance of SAFD fire stations and facilities.