Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program

What is Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH)?


Mobile Integrated Healthcare represents one of the most progressive evolutions in the delivery of community based care by sending EMS providers within their current scope of practice in an expanded role through the use of non-‐emergent resources in the pre-‐hospital setting. The intent is to provide patient centered healthcare in a clinical and non-‐clinical role. MIH paramedics will provide medical assessment and preventive healthcare education tailored to the medical needs of the individual and connecting individuals with appropriate social services resources. The MIH program allows the paramedics to act in a proactive non--emergent capacity.

On October 1, 2014, SAFD began a six-month pilot Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Program which focused on patients with a high volume use of the 911 system. The MIH program has consistently demonstrated a 60% reduction in call volume for that demographic. MIH has become an integral part of the prehospital response by solidifying its position as an active collaborator in the healthcare system at large.

This program uses patient-‐centered, mobile resources in the out-‐of-‐hospital environment. The San Antonio Fire Department/Mobile Integrated Healthcare (SAFD/MIH) program aspires to provide and improve the wellness and healthcare delivery to our citizens by extending the Fire Departments reach out into the community. With city leadership that believes in the wellness vision, the MIH program has since taken on several grants.

Haven for Hope Acute Care Station (H4H) Hospice High Volume Utilizers (HVU) Program for Intensive Care Coordination (PICC) Texas Targeted Opioid Response
Current Programs

Haven for Hope Acute Care Station 

H4H Acute Care Station Triage hours of operation: 8:00pm – 12:00am. Performs detailed assessment on patient contacts. H4H MIH Paramedic will determine the disposition for all patient contacts: 

  • Assess, Treat, Release 
  • Assess, Treat, Schedule Appointment with CentroMed 
  • Assess, Treat, Taxi Voucher 
  • Assess, Treat, Call SAFD EMS for Transport

High Volume Utilizers

Top 50 Highest Utilizers Case Study

  • There was a decrease in over 1,000 calls per year in just 50 of our most frequent callers​ 
  • 1 Year Pre Enrollment = 1142 / 1 Year Post Enrollment 236​ 
  • Resulting in 78% Reduction in call volume​ ​

Since inception the program has had 670 enrolled participants and demonstrated a 60% reduction in call volume.​


Hospice program focuses on providing care to patients in their home that will be in the process of dying.

MIH program shifts the paradigm of EMS from providing emergency therapy while transporting to the ER to allowing the patient to die with dignity in their home

Integrated Mobile Partners Action Crisis Team (I.M.P.A.C.T.)

A collaboration between the SAFD and SAPD Mental Health Unit (MHU) with an emphasis on the homeless population.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

This program starts immediate Medication Assisted Recovery via infield induction of Suboxone for patients with an addiction to opioids as a temporary bridge to get the patient to a detoxification bed and program.

Program for Intensive Care Coordination (PICC)

In 2018 there were over 14,000 emergency detentions by the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) that were routed to local hospitals. The PICC will utilize two (2) MIH paramedics to work side by side with SAPD’s Mental Health Unit (MHU) and Local Mental Health Authority -Center Health Care Services (CHCS) personnel to connect with individual’s pre and post mental health crisis and Emergency Detention.

Texas Targeted Opioid Response

(TTOR) reaches out to patients that have had a recent EMS response for Opioid overdose attempting to navigate them into rehabilitation options 

Patients will be issued and trained on the use of Opiate Overdose Kits 

  • Narcan (2 doses) 
  • CPR equipment 
  • Gloves 
  • Fentanyl Test Strips 
  • Directions on the use of all products

contact Information

San Antonio Fire Department – MIH Team
315 S. Santa Rosa
San Antonio, Texas 78207
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