Mobile Integrated Healthcare Pilot Program

What is Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH)?

Mobile Integrated Healthcare represents one of the most progressive evolutions in the delivery of community based care by sending EMS providers within their current scope of practice in an expanded role through the use of non-­‐emergent resources in the pre-­‐hospital setting. The intent is to provide patient centered healthcare in a clinical and non-­‐clinical role. MIH paramedics will provide medical assessment and preventive healthcare education tailored to the medical needs of the individual and connecting individuals with appropriate social services resources. The MIH program allows the paramedics to act in a proactive non-­‐emergent capacity.

Although this initiative is new to the San Antonio community, Mobile Integrated Healthcare has been around for quite some time. Every Mobile Integrated Healthcare program (MIH) is unique, based on the community’s needs as well as the available medical and social services. This program uses patient-­‐ centered, mobile resources in the out-­‐of-­‐hospital environment. The San Antonio Fire Department/Mobile Integrated Healthcare (SAFD/MIH) pilot program aspires to provide and improve the wellness and healthcare delivery to our citizens.

SAFD Mobile Integrated Healthcare key components

Fully integrated healthcare – begins by integrating the existing healthcare system, with efficient bidirectional sharing of patient health information.

Collaboration of Resources – A strong emphasis will be placed on patient navigation through the multitude of available social services, examining alternative patient destinations for medical treatment, and investigating the true underlying root cause of a patient’s disease process.

Supplemental Healthcare– enhancing existing healthcare systems or resources, and filling the resource gaps within the local community.

Patient‐centered – incorporating a medical team approach focused on the improvement of patient outcomes.

Professional oversight – the SAFD MIH program will have oversight provided by physicians and other community practitioners, to include the patient’s primary care physician in order to serve the citizens in both clinical and non-­‐clinical roles.

Currently in the City of San Antonio the program is acting in the role of a pilot program, therefore is not subject to open enrollment. With community support and patient success the program will be able to progress into a full program in the future.

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MIH Pilot Program

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Pilot Program The MIH pilot program aspires to provide and improve the wellness and healthcare delivery to citizens. More

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