Firefighting Division

The Firefighting Division provides fire protection, rescue services, and medical first responder service to over 1.3 million citizens in a service coverage area of over 460 square miles. With the growth of San Antonio, the division now handles over 118,000 emergency incidents a year.

With about 200 Firefighters having their Paramedic certification, the department places Advanced Life Support equipment and supplies on all Fire Engines, Ladder Trucks and Squads. This gives these Firefighter-Paramedics the resources they need to deliver a higher level of medical care as a part of their first response to an incident.

There are also 18 First Responder Squads strategically placed throughout the city. With their smaller response vehicles, these squads are used for medical emergencies to reduce the wear and tear on the larger, more expensive fire engines.

The Firefighting Division has three shifts (A, B and C), with over 300 Firefighters assigned to each shift. This allows the department to fully staff its emergency response vehicles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The city is divided into eight geographical areas or fire battalions. Each fire battalion has three Battalion Chiefs, with each being assigned to one of the three shifts. This makes for a total of 24 Battalion Chiefs.

Special Operations Teams:

SAFD Quick Facts
  • Over 1,000 uniformed Firefighters in the Division.
  • 51 Fire Stations
  • 50 Engine Companies.
  • 20 Truck Companies.
  • Up to 18 First Responders.
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