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The Logistics/Services Division supports Fire Department operations through the acquisition and maintenance of Fire and EMS vehicles, equipment and facilities, as well as the procurement and distribution of supplies and materials necessary for day-to-day functions. The division consists of several groups, including:

  • Air Quality Management—responsible for the maintenance, repair and testing of SAFD’s gas detectors, thermal imaging cameras, and protective breathing equipment known as SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus). AQM technicians must maintain numerous certifications in order to be qualified to work on the most critical safety equipment Firefighters use.
  • Supply/Logistics—responsible for delivering EMS and Fire Supply to fire personnel in the field. They deliver items such as hand soap, paper towels, fire hoses and medical supplies to fire stations across the city each day. This unit also manages the purchasing, receiving, and warehousing of equipment and supplies, including firefighting tools and equipment. Additionally the unit conducts on-site repairs of fire hoses, nozzles and helmets as needed.
  • Facilities—responsible for managing repairs and maintenance requests for all SAFD stations and facilities, receiving a total of 2200 building maintenance requests in 2013. Additionally, this unit manages capital projects, including the construction of new fire stations and major renovations of existing stations.
  • Fleet Maintenance—responsible for maintenance and repairs on the department’s fleet of fire and EMS vehicles and emergency equipment.
  • Administration—responsible for acquisitions, procurement, specifications and disposal of most all department assets, and general oversight of the Logistics/Services Division. The division is managed by a combination of civilian and uniformed administrative personnel.

Fleet Maintenance Quick Fact
The division spends over $1 million dollars a year on automotive parts.
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