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What is a Firefighter?

They are your neighbors next door - They are special people, that even with age have never gotten over the youthful excitement of engines and sirens and danger.
They are people like you and me with wants, worries and unfilled dreams
Yet they stand taller than most of us.
They're Firefighters.
They put it all on the line when the trip falls.
A firefighter is at once the most fortunate and the least fortunate of men.
They're individuals who save lives, because they have seen too much death.
They're gentle people because they have seen the awesome power of violence out of control.
They're responsive to a child's laughter because their arms have held too many small bodies that will never laugh again.
They appreciate the simple pleasures of life- hot coffee held in numb, unbending fingers- a warm bed for bone and muscle compelled beyond feeling- the camaraderie of brave men and women- the divine peace and selfless service of a job well done in the name of all mankind.
They don't wear buttons... or wave flags... or shout obscenities.
When they march, it is to honor a fallen comrade.
They don't preach the brotherhood of man... THEY LIVE IT !


Edwin Grover - 03/26/1896
Fred Strauss - 12/11/1901
John Crivelli - 1/20/1908
Gilbert L. Hovey - 8/14/1915
William P. Bishop - 12/31/1917
Robert W. Kopplin - 12/31/1917
Claude A. Ratterree - 1/1/1918
T.F. Martin - 4/19/1923
A.G. Flury - 4/19/1923
E.J. Stone - 4/1/1927
L.A. Johnson - 5/20/1930
H.J. Kneupper - 12/16/1936
August W. Wagner - 8/7/1938
Alfred S. Gassmann - 1/22/1943
Henry E. Martinez - 1/19/1943

John R. Rodriguez - 11/13/1950
Walter Kalisky - 8/28/1955
Ramiro Rivera - 7/3/1963
Joe G. Ramirez - 1/8/1966
Charles Ehrlich - 8/14/1973
Willie Ojeda - 5/8/1975
Charles A. Edwards - 1/18/1976
Paul Hand - 3/22/1985
Ernest Flores - 3/22/1987
James Boullosa - 9/11/1988
John M. Forres - 6/14/1996
Jessie F. Bricker, Jr. - 5/5/1997
Roger Dennis - 2/29/2008
Scott P Deem - 5/18/2017
Greg Garza - 10/15/2019


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