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False Alarms

In 2015, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) reported over 67,000 calls (91%) of all burglar alarms were false alarms. This prevents public safety resources from responding to true emergencies. The City of San Antonio is continuously working with the alarm industry and users to reduce the number of false alarm instances.

Alarm System Permitting Information

The City of San Antonio Code of Ordinances Chapter 25, Article IV, regulates the operation of alarm systems within the city limits of San Antonio. This ordinance addresses both commercial and residential alarm systems. Automatic dialers programmed to directly notify SAPD are also regulated by this ordinance.

All alarm systems within the city limits must be permitted through the San Antonio Police Departments Alarm Investigations Office (AIO). The alarm user is ultimately responsible for notifying the AIO of the installation of an alarm system. SAPD will respond to calls whether the alarm system is permitted or not. 

Fees are associated with calls for both permitted and unpermitted response requests.

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Alarm Permitting Process

All alarms systems operating within the City of San Antonio are required to have a valid permit issued by the San Antonio Police Departments Alarm Investigations Office (AIO). The AIO receives all alarm information and issues a permit to the owner / occupant of the location of the alarm. Newly activated alarm users are required to report the installation of the alarm system within 12 hours of completion. The user must provide the address of the responsible party and the names / telephone numbers of two individuals that the San Antonio Fire and Police Departments may contact in the permit holder’s absence. This information can be submitted any time of day via voice mail message at 210.207.8282. Individuals and businesses who provide this information over the telephone or in person are exempt from the permit requirement for up to four (4) calendar days while their permit is being issued.

To Obtain a Permit

You may call 210.207.8282 the Alarms Office to request an alarm permit application be mailed to you. You may also download the form and fax to 210.207.4349 or scan and email to Alarms Permitting Office. Please be aware that payment must made at the time of submission. Payments can be made with a credit / debit card over the phone or by mailed check or in person at the Alarm Investigations Office located at 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio, TX 78207 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

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Alarm Permit  Fees for New or Annual Renewal of Active Alarm Systems

Residential (Fire and Police Permit)
Type of Permit Fee
Residential Alarm $40.00
Residential Senior 65 Years or Older $30.00
Residential Alarm Exempt (Ref Ordinance Chapter 25.56) NO FEE
Type of Permit Fee
Commercial Alarm - Fire $100.00
Commercial Alarm - Police $100.00
Gated Community (HOA - Community Manager)
Type of Permit Fee
Gate Permit (One Time) $50.00
Non Registered Alarm Systems

It is a city ordinance violation to operate an alarm system without a valid permit. The City of San Antonio assess fees for false alarm activations for locations without a valid permit. For each unpermitted residential false alarm there will be a charge of $75.00. For commercial alarm locations there will be a fee of $125.00 for each unpermitted false alarm. For a false fire alarm without a permit a fee of $125.00 will be changed. This applies to both residential and commercial false fire alarms. All outstanding false alarm fees must be paid prior to a new or renewal permit being issued.

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Excessive False Alarms

The City of San Antonio has limited public safety resources and must utilize them wisely. The city in 2015 responded to 67,000 false alarm calls. This equates to one false alarm every 8 minutes. To assist with recovering the operational costs of these resources the following false alarm fees will be assessed:

False Burglar Alarms (Per Each Occurrence)
False Burglar Alarms Fee
1 - 3 false burglar alarms NO FEE
4 - 5 false burglar alarms $50.00
6 - 7 false burglar alarms $75.00
8 or more burglar alarms $100.00
Robbery/Hold Up/Panic/Duress (This is a silent Alarm)
Calls Fee
1 - call NO FEE
2 - calls $200.00
3 - calls $300.00
4 - calls $400.00
5 or more calls  $500.00 
False Fire Alarm Activation
False fire alarms Fee
1 - call NO FEE
2 - 4 calls $125.00
5 - 10 calls $250.00
10 or more calls $500.00
Cancelled Fire Alarm Activation (Charged Upon Notification)
Cancelled fire alarms
1 - call NO FEE
2 - 4 calls $50.00
5 - 10 calls $125.00
10 or more calls $250.00

The San Antonio Police Department will respond to ALL alarm calls, whether the alarm has a valid permit or not, and whether or not the fees and fines are paid. However, in the case of such violations, additional fees and fines will be assessed. If the alarm site does not have an alarm permit (through non-registration or through having been revoked), the alarm system user will be subject to a fine of between $300 and $500, for each separate occurrence.

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