Citizen on Patrol

SAPD offers residents the opportunity to participate in a special community involvement program named Citizen On Patrol (COP). The purpose of the COP Program is to prepare residents to be the "eyes and ears" of the police and to promote closer cooperation between residents and city agencies that exist to serve them.

How To Join COP

Determine which SAPD Substation serves the area where you live. Click here to view a MAP showing substation boundaries.  Then follow these steps:

  • Review the Schedule of COP Classes below and select a class date, at your substation, that fits your schedule. (You may attend COP classes only at the Substation that serves your neighborhood.)
  • Obtain an application in one of the following three ways:
    • Contact the COP Coordinator at your substation to check on class availability and obtain a COP Class Application
    • Go to your substation and pick up a COP Application
    • Click here to go the SAPD Forms Download Page to download a COP Application in PDF format.
  • Fill out and bring or mail the COP Application to your substation.
  • Attend a 4 hour COP class on selected dates. 
  • After graduation, join with other COP grads in your neighborhood to set up your COP Patrols.

One year after graduation you may attend a Refresher Class, if you wish. COP graduates may also volunteer to participate in "Map Patrols" in their substation area. 

 COP Class Locations, Dates and Times


12th - NORTH - 9AM - 1PM

17th - WEST - 6PM - 10PM

24th - PRUE - 6pm - 10PM


4th - NORTH - 6PM - 10PM

21st - WEST - 6PM - 10PM

 MARCH 2019

2nd - NORTH - 9AM - 1PM

14th - PRUE - 6PM - 10PM

21st - WEST - 6PM - 10PM

 APRIL 2019

1st - NORTH - 6PM - 10PM

13th - WEST - 9AM - 1PM

 MAY 2019

4th - NORTH - 9AM - 1PM

16th - PRUE - 6PM - 10PM

16th - WEST - 6PM - 10PM

 JUNE 2019

20th - WEST - 6PM - 10PM

 JULY 2019

13th - WEST - 9AM - 1PM

25th - PRUE - 6PM - 10PM

 AUGUST 2019

15th - WEST - 6PM - 10PM


9th - NORTH - 6PM - 10PM

19th - WEST - 6PM - 10PM (Refresher Course)

26th - PRUE - 6PM - 10PM


5th - NORTH - 9AM - 1PM

11th - WEST - Banquet Dinner - Time/Location TBD


4th - NORTH - 6PM - 10PM

14th - PRUE - 6PM - 10PM



Saturday Classes are from 8 am till 12 noon (or 9 am to 1 pm), when two dates are listed. When one Saturday date is listed, the class lasts all day (one meeting instead of two). Weekday Classes are from 6 pm till 10 pm. Classes at North (only) are one session, 4 hours long. Refresher classes are one session only. Contact your substation COP Coordinator for application forms, class times, etc. You can also download COP Application Forms (PDF format), fill them out, and send to your substation.