Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit is directed by Lieutenant Efrain Gonzalez and is staffed with five sergeants, 47 detectives, one patrolman and nine civilian support personnel.

Homicide Unit - Details


The Murder Detail Detectives are responsible for investigating Murders, Attempted Murders, suicides, overdoses, and apparent sudden deaths. A lead investigator, who is responsible for the investigative activity, is assigned to each case. Every case is aggressively investigated in pursuit of the facts and elements of the offense to determine if and what crime has been committed and to identify the person(s) responsible for that crime. The lead investigator is responsible for completing a thorough investigation and providing the case file to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office for review and prosecution of the identified offender(s).


The Department recognizes that the resolution of every murder case is important for the family and community. Every effort is made to solve each case. Leads are exhausted and in spite of best efforts some cases go unsolved and are classified as Cold Cases. Visit the SAPD Unsolved Cold Case page where listings of some unsolved cases are published in hopes that new information and leads will be generated.

The Cold Case Detail has full time investigators assigned for the criminal investigations. A unique collaborative group assists in review of these cases. The Cold Case Review Team is comprised of current and former law enforcement officers, forensic experts, medical and legal personnel. The review process includes evaluation of cases, suggestions for further investigation and review of current forensic and computer technologies such as DNA and AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The Cold Case detail currently has an excellent solvability record through filing of cases with the District Attorney’s Office and UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) clearance requirements. The Cold Case Detail solves, on average, over seven Cold Case murders, yearly.


The Officer-Involved Shooting Team (OIST) is made up of the Homicide lieutenant (Director), three Homicide sergeants and detectives that are assigned to the Murder/Attempted Murder Detail. The OIST is responsible for handling:

  • Incidents in which an officer discharges his firearm;
  • Incidents in which an officer discharges his firearm and the discharge results in the death or injury to anyone;
  • Incidents where a person dies while in police custody;
  • Incident in which an officer uses deadly force against another or deadly force is used against an officer, which results in death or serious bodily injury to any person.

The SAPD OIST handles incidents meeting the above criteria, regardless of the agency the officer works for, as long as the incident occurs within the incorporated limits of the City of San Antonio. 


This Detail investigates Assaults, Harassments and Aggravated Assaults. Aggravated assault detectives handle all felony assault cases such as non-family related aggravated assaults, aggravated assaults on peace officers, injury to the elderly, retaliation, stalking, and felony deadly conduct cases. Assault detectives handle all misdemeanor assault cases, which include assaults, Terroristic Threats, Harassment and misdemeanor Deadly Conduct. NOTE: A complainant wishing to file misdemeanor charges on a person, regardless of whether a police report has already been taken, is required to appear in person and fill out the a complainant statement form (2089) for an assaultive offense or the harassment complaint packet (2089-Harrassment) . See the attached links for the required forms. These offenses cannot be family related. If a case is family related, it will be handled by the Family Violence Detail which is part of the Special Victims Unit. For information on family related or domestic assaults call 210.207.2313.


The Weapons Detail reviews and files cases involving weapons not otherwise related to crimes against persons. This includes, but is not limited to, tracing suspect firearms and releasing firearms after ensuring federal and state requirements have been met. Release of any evidence requires a valid photo ID. Any report listing weapons and special circumstances require special documentation for release and is reviewed on case by case basis (i.e., weapons listed as evidence require a court order for release).


The SAPD Traffic Investigation Detail (TID) conducts follow-up investigations on all fatality accidents and any traffic related criminal offenses that occur within the city limits of San Antonio. TID detectives investigate felony offenses such as Intoxication Manslaughter, Intoxication Assault, Failure to Stop and Render Aid, and misdemeanor offenses such as Failure to Stop and Give Information (also known as a Hit and Run). Investigation of Failure to Stop and Give Information is not automatically initiated. Anyone wishing to pursue a criminal charge of Failure to Stop and Give Information is required to appear in person to speak with a detective regarding the incident. A professionally written estimate of the damage to your vehicle must be provided to the detective for offense classification.


The Homicide Unit staffs a Crime Victims Liaison. She is the liaison between the victims of violent crimes, local law enforcement agencies and the Texas Attorney General’s Office (TXAGO). She assists with eligibility in compensation consideration for victims of homicide, sexual assault, family violence and/or robbery. She personally meets with families to provide guidance on services for counseling, funeral, medical costs, loss of support, lost wages, relocations, and/or rehabilitation. Please call Angelic Rios at 210.207.7497 for assistance.


Homicide Unit  210.207.7635
Traffic Investigation Detail 210.207.7385


Homicide Unit is open 7 days a week from 7:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Traffic Investigation Detail is open 7 days a week from 7:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Night Traffic Investigation Detail offers extended coverage within the hours of 7:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.

For general questions or to report information on a crime when the Homicide office is closed, please call the Night Criminal Investigations Detail (Night CID) at 210.207.7389.


To report crimes or provide information on a crime, you may call the numbers listed above.

You may also call Crime Stoppers at 224.STOP (7867), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Information can also be sent by email to the Homicide Unit via our e-mail address, homicide@sanantonio.gov.  


The Homicide Unit maintains the responsibility of protecting the integrity of criminal investigations. Information relating to a pending criminal investigation or prosecution is one example of information that is not released. Certain information regarding an open, active, or ongoing criminal investigation is protected from release as mandated by State and Federal laws (Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP), NCIC/TCIC, Local Government Code, Penal Code, The Texas Open Records Act, and the Family Code. In most cases, protected information cannot be released until final conviction of the alleged offender or disposition of the case.

Request for public information or records shall be directed to the Open Records Unit or the Public Information Office.