Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs

800 Dolorosa #402
San Antonio, TX, 78207


Monday – Friday
 7:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Internal Affairs Mission Statement

The San Antonio Police Department accepts all complaints, regardless of form, source, or substance, and initiates investigative action appropriate to the seriousness of the complaint. 

Therefore, the Internal Affairs Unit is committed to investigate thoroughly, objectively and without prejudice all reports of misconduct in an effort to 

  • uphold the principles of accountability; 
  • to foster and maintain trust between the department and the community; and 
  • to achieve the desired degree of organizational excellence

The Internal Affairs Unit can be contacted in person, by phone or at 

Making A Complaint

Bring your complaint to the attention of the Internal Affairs Unit as soon as possible, either in person, by telephone or by e-mail. You may also call the Police Information Line (227-7201 or 207-7273) and ask to speak to a Police Supervisor.

Process for Filing a Formal Complaint

  1. Internal Affairs Unit supervisors will take sworn statements from the complainant and any witnesses to the incident. These statements are notarized and treated in the same manner as testimony in a court of law.
  2. The officer involved, and any other officer at the scene of the incident, is required to submit a written report in response to the complaint.
  3. When appropriate, medical records are examined, physical evidence is gathered, and photographs may be taken.
  4. The complainant, witnesses, and the officer involved, may be required to take a polygraph examination.
  5. Once the investigation is completed, the case is forwarded to the Complaint and Administrative Review Board.
  6. The Complaint and Administrative Review Board, which includes seven civilian members, reviews the case and presents its findings to the Chief of Police.
  7. The Chief of Police decides if discipline will be administered to the officer.
  8. An Officer can appeal disciplinary action through the Civil Service Commission and eventually to an Arbitrator. The Arbitrator may alter or sustain the Chief's decision.
  9. If the Arbitrator sustains the Chief's decision, the officer has a right of appeal to a State District Court.
  10. Upon final disposition of the case, a written response from the Chief's Office will be sent to the citizen and the officer involved.