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National night out is a community outreach program intended to bring community and police together on the first Tuesday in October to create awareness to crime and drug use in our city. NNO encourages neighbors to come out and meet one another. Many neighborhoods, home owners associations, schools, churches, apartments, and community centers start planning for a collaborative event for their communities.

Start talking to your neighbors set-up a meeting, invite them to come over and talk about crime issues in your neighborhood, and register with us for more information.

Now! The sooner the better, it may seem like October is far away but it will be here before you know it!

No, not at all! You can keep it simple invite a few neighbors over and encourage them to turn on their porch lights on this day. Remember lights can deter criminals from trying to break in to your home.

NNO is a national program and at the end the campaign the city enters a competition and each year we not only try to increase our participation, but we also try to qualify for 1st place! However, our number one goal is to reduce crime and drug use in our community.

No, only if you want to. There is no requirement. Only those that register and submit an application are eligible for an award.

Please fill out the attached form and return either email, online and or mail. The purpose of this registration is to document the number of events citywide and be able to qualify for the nationwide competition.

Last year the city of San Antonio placed 3rd in the nation. With your support and participation we can reach our goal to place 1st in the nation!

Help make San Antonio a safer place to Live • Work • Play!

Tips & Ideas

Involve—community safety organizations, i.e., SADP Community Policing Unite, SAFFE Office, SA Fire Dept., medical community, business community, city leaders, etc.

Media—contact T.V., print, and radio they are always looking for a story, have lots of visuals, and activities they love this!

Turn on Lights—NNO encourages citizens to fight crime by turning on porch lights, and promotes the proper use and energy efficient way of using security lightning. Display lightning as part of your party/event and make it informative and festive.

Record your event using video, DVD, photos, create photo/scrapbook etc. 

Thanks for Supporting NNO and SAPD... Have Fun!