Police Reports / Open Records

Obtaining Police Reports

The "Texas Public Information Act" (Government Code, Chapter 552) provides for public access to most government records and for sale of copies of such records, including Police Reports. The Transportation Code (550.065) addresses the release of accident reports and sets fees for copies. The Texas Administrative Code (1 TAC 111.16 - .70) also addresses the cost of copies of open records (fees charged to the public for each copy of a record). In addition, the Code of Ordinances, City of San Antonio, (Chapter 25, Article I, Sec. 25-6) sets the SAPD fees for record searches and reports. All fees are set to cover the actual costs of materials, labor, equipment and overhead in making the copies of reports available.

How to obtain reports

Request By Mail

Download the Police Report Request Form. Please submit with a self-addressed stamped envelope and mail your request to the San Antonio Police Department Records Office, 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio, TX 78207.

Request In Person

The Records Office sells copies of Police Reports to the public only at SAPD Headquarters located at 315 S. Santa Rosa, San Antonio Texas from the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Request Online

Request a report online. To contact the Records Office by phone for additional information (reports cannot be ordered by phone), please call 210.207.7598.

Background checks should not be requested through the online portal, find more information on the Background checks section.


The Identification Office provides Fingerprinting Services, Background Checks/Criminal History information (personal, employment, housing), Clearance Letters, Consulate/Immigration Letters, and Notary services.

Note: Please note that these are not considered open records requests and should not be submitted through the Open Records Requests Online Portal.


SAPD will fingerprint persons on an FBI or DPS card, but the person is responsible for sending the fingerprint card to FBI or DPS for a state-wide or nation-wide check.

Proper Identification is required prior to services being provided: Military ID, Birth Certificate, Driver's License, State-issued ID, or Alien Registration. The San Antonio Police Department Identification Office, located at 315 S. Santa Rosa (near the SAPD Records Office), is open to the public from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. It is closed to the public on all City Holidays. To contact the Identification Office by phone for additional information (reports cannot be ordered by phone), please call 210.207.7605.

Background Check Services

Note: Please note that these are not considered open records requests and should not be submitted through the Open Records Requests Online Portal.

Background Checks

An SAPD Background Check is limited to information in local SAPD records. It does NOT include information in other locations in Texas or in the U.S. It is the SAPD policy in checking arrest records for anyone other than a criminal justice agency that a Signed Release from the person the background check is being conducted on is required. If a representative (third party) submits the Request, the form will also need to be notarized.

Payment 315 S. Santa Rosa accepts cash, credit cards, money orders, or checks.

Police Reports

  • Accident Reports - $6.00  
  • Incident Report - $0.10 per page for the first 50 pages (on-site reports)
  • Offense Reports - $0.10 per page for the first 50 pages (on-site reports)
  • Certification - $2.00 extra (certification may only be applied to Background Checks and Clearance Letters)
    • The Public Information Act does not require the city to certify documents upon release. See Texas Attorney General Opinion No. H-305 (Morales, 1974). To efficiently provide for the release of information on the numerous Public Information Act requests the city receives on a daily basis, it is the practice of the city to not certify records. In addition, records upon which redactions have been made cannot be certified, because the record to be released is not an exact duplicate of the original.

      * All reports more than 2 years old are stored in the Archives, which is located in an off-site storage facility.
  • General Labor - The charge for labor costs incurred in processing a request for public information. The labor charge includes the actual time to locate, compile, manipulate data, and reproduce the requested information. = 1 hour @ $15.00
  • Overhead Charge - The overhead charge shall be computed at 20% of the charge made to cover any labor costs associated with a particular request.
  • Copy Fee – The fee for providing paper copies is $0.10 cents per page.

* **Certified Accident Reports: Can be purchased from the Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 12879, Austin TX 78711. Make check or M.O. for $ 8.00 per certified report payable to: Texas Department of Transportation. Questions, please call 512.486.5780

Fingerprints & Identification Services

Background Checks

Personal, Employment, Housing

  • Clearance Letter - $30.00 per letter
  • Criminal History - $30.00 per transcript
  • Consulate/ Immigration Letters - $30.00 per letter
  • Fingerprints - $30.00 per card
  • Notary/Certification - $6.00
  • COSA Employee Applicants - No Charge
Background Checks

City Permit Applicants

  • Wrecker Badge - $15.00
  • Alamo Plaza Vendors - $68.25
  • Downtown Vendors - $30.00
  • Mobile Food Vendors (Adults & Juveniles) - $68.25 
  • Peddlers’ License - $30.00 
  • Manager Permit (HD)** - $150.00  
  • Massage Ordinance Permit - $75.00 for Initial Location; $35.00 for each additional location
  • Floor Manager (HD)** - $150.00 
  • Owner/ Operator (HD)** - $400.00 
  • Entertainer (HD)** - $150.00