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Cooling Centers Continue to Stay Open For the Public

Published on Friday, August 14, 2020

Cooling Centers Continue to Stay Open For the Public

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SAN ANTONIO (August 14, 2020) - With temperatures above 100 degrees into the weekend, Metro Health reminds the community that nine City cooling centers will be open on Saturday and Sunday.
The City of San Antonio cooling centers will provide residents with respite from the high temperatures. Cooling centers will observe COVID-19 precautions, including face coverings, screening, sanitation and social distancing guidelines. 
Adults over 65, children under 4, and people with existing medical conditions such as heart disease and those without access to air conditioning are at highest risk on days with high temperatures. 
Drinking plenty of water and protecting oneself from the sun are critical precautions. Additionally, people should call and check on their neighbors who may be at high risk and ensure access to heat relief and hydration.
Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are possible health effects. Warning signs of heat stroke include: red, hot, and moist or dry skin, no sweating, a strong rapid pulse or a slow weak pulse, nausea, confusion or acting strangely. If a child exhibits any of these signs, cool the child rapidly with cool water (not an ice bath) and call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.
Never leave children or pets alone in vehicles. If you see a child or pet locked in a hot car or in the back of a truck, take action immediately. Jot down the car’s description (including a license plate number). Call the Police Department immediately.  If regarding a pet, call Animal Care Services at 311. Per city ordinance, both Police and Animal Care Officers have the right to break a car’s window if a child or animal is endangered inside a vehicle.                                    
Residents can call 311 or visit the Metro Health or the San Antonio Office of Emergency Management websites for a listing of cooling centers. Residents can also contact the National Weather Service for the most current weather conditions at visit for current hourly weather. Stay tuned for further notices.


City of San Antonio Cooling Centers
August 15 – 16, 2020

Site Name  Address Phone Zip
Days &
Bazan Library 2200 WEST
210.207.9160 78207 Sat – Sun
Carver Library 3350 COMMERCE
210.207.9180 78220 Sat – Sun
Collins Garden Library 200 PARK
210.207.9120 78204 Sat – Sun
Cortez Library 2803 HUNTER
210.207.9130 78224 Sat – Sun
Johnston Library 6307 SUN VALLEY
210.207.9240 78227 Sat – Sun
Mission Library 3134 ROOSEVELT 210.207.2704 78214 Sat – Sun
Pan American Library 1122 WEST PYRON 210.207.9150 78221 Sat – Sun
Schaefer Library 6322 US Hwy 87 E 210.207.9300 78222 Sat – Sun
Westfall Library 6111 ROSEDALE 210.207.9220 78201 Sat – Sun

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Author: Melanie Morales (GPA)

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