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Prue Substation
Prue Road Substation

San Antonio Police Department - Prue Substation


5020 Prue Road Prue Road Substation


Front Desk 210.207.7425 (V/TTY)
SAFFE 210.207.7169
Property Crimes 210.207.8326
Substation Staff

Commander Captain Tracy Powers
Patrol Shift Lieutenants

A: Lt. Brent Bell
B. Lt. Curtis Walker 

C: Lt. Anthony Carlo
T: Lt. David Hightower
Property Crimes Sergeant Sgt. William Garcia
SAFFE Sergeant
Sgt. Sam Esparza
Sgt. Mark Holguin

COP Classes

Please contact Officer Kimberly Kory the SAFFE Unit at 210.207.6087 for more information about the COP program.

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Prue Substation Areas

Prue Substation Areas

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