SAPD Open Data Initiative

Message from the Chief

To provide for greater transparency, build trust, and facilitate community engagement, the San Antonio Police Department has initiated the Open Data Initiative. The purpose of this program is to share information with the community on a variety of police subjects, activities, and general policy issues.

The Open Data Initiative is implemented with the information contained in this web portal and, through departmental and community feedback, we will continue to add information as it is developed. We believe that this initiative will increase trust and communication between the nearly 3,000 sworn and civilian members of the San Antonio Police Department and the community with whom we live and serve.

William P. McManus, Chief of Police
San Antonio Police Department

Formal Complaints - 2018 Vs. 2019 YTD

Formal Complaint

A complaint on an officer for conduct that exhibits a significant variance from behavioral expectations established through formal training, departmental rules, regulations, policies, or procedures which regulate a sworn member's conduct. These complaints are investigated by Internal Affairs investigators who forward their findings to a board comprised of police officers and private citizens. This board reviews the investigators’ findings, then makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police as to the discipline that should be imposed on the officer if it is determined that the officer indeed engaged in misconduct. Some examples of formal complaints include: excessive use of force; engaging in criminal conduct; failure to perform police responsibilities.

2018 2019 %Change
Formal Complaint 161 81 -49.7%

1 January - 22 November

Line Complaints - 2018 Vs. 2019 YTD


Generally constitutes a complaint against an officer for minor variances from rules, regulations, and/or policies. Line complaints are investigated by an officer’s immediate supervisor and that supervisor makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police as to the discipline that should be imposed on the officer if it is determined that the officer indeed violated departmental rules, regulations, or policies. Some examples of line complaints include: courtesy, rudeness; and quality of service provided by an officer.

2018 2019 %Change
Line Complaints 435 405 -6.9%

1 January - 22 November

Use of Force Incidents - 2018  Vs. 2019 YTD

Use of Force Incidents

The San Antonio Police Department requires its officers to exhibit a sense of prudent judgment derived from departmental training, acquired knowledge, skills, and ability in the exercise or application of any level of force. Officers are trained and required to use only the level of force necessary to accomplish a lawful police objective. Every officer that uses force is required to report such use in writing. In addition, the Department also requires supervisors to respond to the scene of use of force incidents and to review all Use of Force Reports, to ensure the application of force conforms to established guidelines and departmental policy and procedures.

2018 2019 %Change
Use of Force Incidents 470 427 -9.1%

1 January - 22 November

Note: the number of Use of Force reports does not necessarily equate to use of force complaints. The use of force number indicates the frequency that officers reported and documented using force during a police incident.

The links below provide access to current San Antonio Police Department General Manual procedures by topic. These were updated on February 5, 2021 and will be updated periodically as changes and/or additions occur.

Section Preface Effective Date
 100 Foreword 10-5-2015
  Statement of Philosophy 10-5-2015
  Law Enforcement Code of Ethics 10-5-2015
  Vision 10-5-2015
  Mission 10-5-2015
  Guiding Principles 10-5-2015
Section Rules and Regulations Effective Date
200 Rules and Regulations 7-24-2015
Section Administrative Procedures Effective Date
301 Directive System 9-28-2020
302 Organization 8-24-2020
303 Disciplinary Procedures 1-31-2017
304 Air Quality Health Alert Plan 7-31-2010
305 RESERVED 12-16-2016
306 Officer Concern Program 3-19-2018
307 Public and Media Information 9-19-2018
308 Office Space Allocation and Telecommunications 7-31-2010
309 Weapons 04-05-2021
310 Uniforms and Dress Codes 8-24-2020
  Uniforms and Dress Codes Appendix 8-24-2020
311 Court Appearances 12-21-2016
312 Private Vehicle Parking 7-10-2013
313 Use of City Vehicles 10-3-2014
314 Command Notification 9-19-2018
315 Line Inspections 501-2017
316 Police Radio Issuance 7-31-2010
317 Public Safety Headquarters Building Security 7-10-2013
318 Labor Relations Committee 7-24-2015
319 Civilian Observer Program 8-26-2017
320 Solicitation of Support or Assistance 7-31-2010
321 Volunteers In Policing Program 7-10-2013
322 Bicycle Operations 7-31-2010
323 Release of Police Records 7-31-2010
324 Performance Evaluations 12-20-2010
325 Training and Career Development 9-1-2017
326 Administrative Reporting Program 04-05-2021
327 Jurisdictional Boundaries 7-31-2010
328 Volunteer Chaplaincy Program 11-23-2011
329 Proactive Reviews and Assessments 2-19-2014
330 Social Media 11-10-2015
Section Technical Procedures Effective Date
401 Offense/Incident/Supplemental Reports 12-5-2019
402 Differential Police Response 12-21-2016
403 Communications 12-21-2016
404 Forms Control 7-31-2010
405 Computer Systems 7-31-2010
406 Communications Holds, Transcripts, and Copies 7-31-2010
407 Reserved for Future Use 12-21-2020
408 Digital Photography 7-31-2010
409 Mobile Video Recording 1-31-2017
410 Body Worn Cameras 12-21-2020
411 Detention Center Phone Recordings 3-29-2017
Section Arrest Procedures Effective Date
501 Use of Force 9-14-2020
502 Warrantless Arrests, Searches, and Seizures 7-31-2010
503 Obtaining and Executing Arrest Warrants 9-4-2020
504 Execution of Search Warrants 9-4-2020
505 Misdemeanor Citation Release 7-1-2019
506 Traffic Law Enforcement 3-11-2015
507 D.W.I. Arrests 7-6-2016
508 Field Contacts 12-5-2019
509 Legal Asset Seizure 9-19-2018
510 Carrying of Handguns 7-6-2016
511 Debriefing of Arrested Persons 7-31-2010
512 Electronic Control Devices 12-21-2020
Section Investigative Procedures Effective Date
701 Crime Scene Duties 7-18-2014
702 Eyewitness Identification 8-31-2012
703 Handling of Sexual Assault Complaints 9-28-2020
704 Apparent Sudden Deaths 10-3-2014
705 Officer Involved Shootings & Custodial Deaths 8-24-2020
706 Assaults on Peace Officers 7-31-2010
707 Crash Investigation 6-5-2019
708 Follow-Up Units 12-21-2016
709 Misdemeanor Citation Dismissal 7-31-2010
710 Preliminary Drug Identification 11-16-2017
711 Hate Crimes 6-5-2019
712 Interview, Interrogation and Processing Rooms 7-31-2010
713 Human Trafficking 5-4-2012
SECTION Emergency Operations Effective Date

Attorney General's Opinion 4-25-2018
802 Unusual Occurrences and Critical Incidents 6-26-2015
808 Inclement Weather 7-31-2010
810 Continuity of Operations and Loss of Facilities 10-3-2014
Section   Effective Date
Glossary 12-21-2020