Sex Offenders

How can I search for sex offenders?

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a free sex offender search on this page:

Texas Department Of Public Safety Sex Offenders Search

Click on "Sex Offender Registry" on the left side of the page. You can search for a specific name or just enter a ZIP code to get a list of records in the area. The mapping feature allows you to enter your complete address to view a map with offender locations marked.

Park Safety Zone

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At the Sex Offender Registration Office at 442 9th Street. The office is open from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday (Except City Holidays). The Registrant must personally appear and present valid identification. The application can be completed there, or picked up and brought back at a later time. DO NOT go to the Public Safety Headquarters Building or Police Substations. The applications cannot be obtained or approved anywhere else but the Sex Offender Registration Office.
After the application is submitted, it is forwarded to the Office of the Chief. The application and Registrant’s case file will be reviewed and the Chief’s decision is final. The Registrant will be notified of the Chief’s decision. This process may take several weeks. If the exemption is approved, the Registrant will obtain the exemption at the Sex Offender Registration Office.
The Chief may take into consideration the reason for registration, offense committed that resulted in the conviction, the date of conviction(s), age of victim(s) at time of offense, sex of victim(s), offender’s relationship to victim(s), length of time between conviction and request, pending investigations, length and duration of the requested exemption, location of the park where the exemption is being requested, and any other factor that the Chief considers appropriate. NOTE: IF A REGISTRANT IS CURRENTLY ON PROBATION OR PAROLE HE OR SHE HAS NOT COMPLETED HIS OR HER SENTENCE, AND THE APPLICATION WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DENIED. The Registrant may apply again after completing his or her probation or parole.

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