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Welcome to the San Antonio International Airport.

San Antonio International Airport provides commercial airline service for the South Texas region. More than 8.5 million passengers fly into and out of historic San Antonio each year, visiting more than 30 non-stop domestic and international destinations on 10 airlines. San Antonio is a diverse, progressive and globally competitive city with a solid vision for national and international economic development. As the seventh-largest city in the United States, San Antonio is experiencing solid economic growth in 21st century industries such as bio-science and healthcare. Military City, USA is home to several military bases including Joint Base San Antonio, the largest base organization in the U.S. Department of Defense and comprised of Fort Sam Houston Army Base, Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force Base.

The International Airport itself is an economic generator for the region, supporting over 97,500 jobs and providing nearly $1.6 billion in annual earnings for workers and proprietors. SAT is owned and operated by the City of San Antonio.

San Antonio International Airport
  • Built in July 1941 as a military base and became a commercial airport in 1953.
  • Over 2,600 acres with two terminals
  • 10 domestic and international airlines provide regular commercial service
  • Over 30 non-stop domestic and international destinations
  • Runways:
    • All-weather Runway 13R/31L is 8,502 feet long & 150 feet wide.
    • All-weather Runway 4/22 is 8,505 feet long & 150 feet wide.
    • General Aviation Runway 12L/30R is 5,519 feet long and 100 feet wide
  • A Federal Inspection Station processes international flight arrivals. The station supports operations of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and the U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

San Antonio International Airport is located in Northern San Antonio, approximately eight miles or 15 minutes from the downtown area. Loop 410 and U.S. 281 are the two highways providing access to the main entry points.


SAT covers 2,600 acres and is the primary airport serving the San Antonio metropolitan area.


SAT is a two-terminal facility. Terminal B was completed in November 2010 and Terminal A completed renovation in 2015

  • Runway 13R/31L is 8,502 feet long & 150 feet wide.
  • Runway 4/22 is 8,505 feet long & 150 feet wide.
  • The airport also has one general aviation runway; Runway 12L/30R is 5,519 feet long and 100 feet wide.
Airlines & Nonstops

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For updated information visit City of San Antonio Department of Aviation Financial Information & Statistics.


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FREE Cell Phone Waiting Lot

A cell phone waiting lot is now available at the western end of airport property. Located at West Terminal Drive, the lot offers drivers a free place to park and free Wi-Fi while waiting for their passenger. Please keep in mind that this service is intended for drivers and not passengers. All vehicles must remain attended while parked in the waiting lot.