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Only Active Loading and Unloading at SAT Terminals

Drivers coming to San Antonio International Airport should be aware they risk receiving a ticket if they park, wait or leave their car unattended in the "no parking" areas in front of the terminal buildings. Airport police and airport security are increasing enforcement of the parking rules at the pickup and drop off lanes.

The curbside lanes in front of the terminal building are designated for active loading and unloading, meaning if persons are not at the curbside ready to get in or out of the vehicle, the driver will be asked to move on. When drivers park in these lanes, traffic congestion can occur quickly creating a security and safety risk.

Drivers who are not actively loading or unloading passengers or luggage will be issued a ticket.

Since 9/11, leaving a car unattended or waiting in front of the terminal has been prohibited. Unfortunately drivers continue to park in front of the building to wait on their passengers or leaving their vehicle to go inside. Not only is this prohibited, but it prevents other drivers from getting to the curb to pick up or drop off their passengers. Too often it causes people to have to load or unload in active drive lanes, which can be dangerous.

The airport encourages people to take advantage of the free cell phone lot with Wi-Fi. Drivers can wait until their passenger calls from the curb to go to the terminal for active loading.

The airport continues to remind everyone that the lanes in front of the terminal building are designated for active loading and unloading only. This means your passenger(s) should be on the curb before you approach the terminal building. Persons parking or leaving a vehicle unattended at the curb will be subject to ticketing.

San Antonio Airport Parking Map