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The Arts, Culture, and Music Program at San Antonio International Airport was created to enhance the customer experience and to communicate a sense of place for the country’s 7th largest city. Since its inception in 2018 the program has been responsible for numerous special events, an increase in community partnerships and engagement, improved airport aesthetics, and the creation of three year-round CX initiatives.

SAT Live

The minute you step into the airport you can catch local musicians at one of our terminals Monday through Friday. Out of concern for our musicians, the San Antonio International Airport has suspended live music performances until April 2020. However, the San Antonio Airport System (SAAS) is introducing its SAT Live Stream Concert Series. The innovative series will highlight local musicians and offer a revenue-generating platform for artists affected by the COVID-19 national emergency. 

For concert days/times visit the following calendar or click on banner below to see concert listing to Support Local, Support Live Music!

Public Art programs at San Antonio International Airport

As a facility of the City of San Antonio, the Airport is home to both exhibits/installations and rotating temporary exhibits. These exhibits are administered by Public Art San Antonio (PASA), for more information please visit their website at

Permanent Art
TERMINAL B: "Suitcase Wheel" - The Art Guys

"Suitcase Wheel" is a 16’ diameter wheel made of 75 vintage Samsonite suitcases stacked face to face together by an internal metal ring. This eye-catching and whimsical art piece will certainly evoke a sense of nostalgia and fascination among frequent flyers and art lovers alike. The Art Guys are a Texas-based artist duo, well known for their use of non-traditional materials and for exploring the lines between art and everyday life. “Suitcase Wheel” is on a two-year exhibition loan with the Airport.


TERMINAL B: "Lumen" - Ann Gardner

“Lumen” By Ann Gardner can be found above the staircase underneath the skylight on the East side of the ticketing area of Terminal B. The sculpture is a large, sun-like circular coil that is 16 feet in diameter and comprised of a series of spiraling loops. The surface is made from thousands of small, hand-cut pieces of glass, each one backed with metal leaf to reflect the light. Gardner designed the piece to take advantage of the light from the skylights while using simple imagery, the sun, to honor San Antonio’s wonderful climate. It was installed in 2010.


TERMINAL B: GATEWAYS: "Four Directions"- Rolando Briseno

Along the window bays of the concourse is a colorful frieze of art glass depicting historic doorways and architectural portals found throughout San Antonio. The project includes 43 total window treatments, each a unique building façade in San Antonio. The project also includes a large terrazzo floor design that spans the entire terminal. The concourse terrazzo floors feature medallion-shaped motifs inspired by Mesoamerican illustrations of the four cardinal directions. The project was installed in 2010.


Parking Garage Permanent Art Exhibits

The completion of a $33 million Parking and Roadway Improvements Project, designed by Marmon Mok, occurred in October 1999. Marmon Mok collaborated with artists, Bill FitzGibbons of San Antonio, Texas and Christopher Janney of Lexington, Massachusetts, in the design of two major walkways: Day Star Walkway and Paseo. These innovative architectural enhancements were installed to provide parking patrons with an easily recognizable pathway from the new garage to both terminals.

"Day Star Archway" - Bill Fitzgibbons

Visible as one drives into the San Antonio International Airport along Airport Boulevard toward the parking garage ticket booths and the terminals, Bill Fitzgibbons' “ Daystar Archway ” stands out in front of the southwest facade of the new long-term garage completed in July 2008. Made from the crossed wings of a BAC 1-11 airplane, the archway was relocated due to construction and in the process was retrofitted with special LED lighting.


"Paseo Walkway" - Christopher Janney

Within the garage structure, Christopher Janney designed the Paseo Walkway. The Paseo directs parking patrons to the Terminals along an avenue covered by a festive colored skylight. The remarkable thing about this public sculpture is that its real significance is the awareness of time and the sun ’ s movement across the sky as it casts a rainbow of colors across the garage walls and floor and the draws parking patrons to move through the streams of various colors. Along with this colorful moving skyline grid, high-tech light fixtures with lights that flicker and flash to emitting rhythmic sounds guide customers in the garage walkways to and from the terminals.


"Suit Case Portraits" : Chuck Ramirez

Chuck Ramirez has created 12 large-scale light boxes to show his series of photographs of suitcases opened to reveal the diverse and often humorous range of personal possessions belonging to imaginary owners. Ramirez purchased, borrowed and appropriated found objects to fill each suitcase. “ Buddha,” for example, contains a portable shrine with flowers, candles and a statue of Buddha. Photographed in color against plain white backgrounds in ultra-high resolution, the suitcases and their fanciful contents are displayed in large light boxes mounted along the Departure (Lower) Ramp.

2017 Install01

"Nostalgia, Texas" - Gary Sweeney

Gary Sweeney has designed neo-retro tourist posters for San Antonio and the near-by Hill Country. With slogans such as “ HemisFair ’ 68 – You ’ re Way too Late ” , “ San Antonio: Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat and “ Summer in San Antonio: Sun tea in less than a minute, ” Sweeney combines nostalgia with tongue-in-cheek humor in his deliberately out-of-whack tourist posters, which have been installed to resemble old-time highway billboards lined up at the entrance of the new long-term parking garage.


“A Can For All Seasons” by Alejandro Diaz

“A Can For All Seasons” by Alejandro Diaz located in the Short Term Garage - Level 0 walkway. Purchased in 2006 for the Airport's art collection, "A Can For All Seasons" is a series of four can sculptures fabricated in aluminum and hand-painted with industrial-grade enamel. Each can comes with a removable lid and can be used as a maceta or plants.