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Advantage Air Charter, Inc.Executive Charters1111 Spent Wing Dr.210.342.3860 
Aero Sky, L.L.C.Aircraft Maintenance and Repair2030 First Ave210-829-1701
AeroNevCorporate & Private Hanger935 Paul Wilkins210-829-4700
AHRAircraft Maintenance and Repair567 Sandau Rd210-377-3195
AHRAircraft Sales and Parts567 Sandau Rd.210.377.3195
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. of San AntonioFixed Base Operators1343 Northern Blvd210-828-0693 
 Atherton Properties, Inc.Corporate & Private Hanger903 Paul Wilkins210-824-4900
 Aviation Airstar, Inc.Fixed Base Operators9023 Wetmore Rd.210-829-8391
Bureau of Customs and Border ProtectionU.S. Government Agencies9800 Airport Blvd., Room 1103210-821-6965 
Cargo Airport Services USA LLCAir Freight and Cargo Operations10000 John Saunders Rd., Bay #39210-828-9300 
Cessna Aircraft CompanyAircraft Maintenance and RepairOne Cessna Dr. 210-357-6120
 Clear Channel Airports AdvertisingCorporate & Private Hanger9800 Airport Blvd, Mezzanine A210-859-9774

 Clear Channel BroadcastingCorporate & Private Hanger8347 Sandau Rd210-342-2010
Cutter Aviation San Antonio, IncAircraft Sales and Parts367 Sandau Rd210-384-3388
Cutter Aviation San Antonio, Inc.Aircraft Maintenance and Repair367 Sandau Rd210-384-3388
DAL Global ServicesAir Freight and Cargo Operations10000 John Saunders Rd., Bay #10210-829-4875
DHL ExpressAir Freight and Cargo Operations10307 Wetmore Rd.210-828-2110
FAA Air Traffic Control Tower U.S. Government Agencies9434 Airport Blvd210-805-5507
FedEx ExpressAir Freight and Cargo Operations10311 Wetmore Rd.210-829-7181 
Flight Safety Texas IncorporatedPilot/Mechanic Training9027 Airport Blvd.210-248-0100
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