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SBEDA Compliance

SBEDA Compliance

All prime contractors and subcontractors participating on a City contract with SBEDA contract requirements must utilize the City Contract Management System (CCMS). This system captures the utilization of small, minority, and women-owned businesses on City contracts and serves as a monitoring tool for prime contractors who are required to meet SBEDA subcontracting requirements.

To assist prime contractors and subcontractors with the SBEDA Compliance process, the City provides the following tools below:

Change to Utilization Plan

Allows a Prime Contractor to list all changes in the use of certified or non-certified Subcontractors/Suppliers in relation to the Prime Contractor's Original Utilization Plan or latest Change to Utilization Plan approved by the Economic Development Department for a given contract.

Post-Award Vendor Subcontracting Wavier Request Form

This form should only be used for contracts that have already been awarded by City Council. A vendor who has been awarded a contract by City Council may request a partial or full waiver of a specified subcontracting goal(s) by submitting this form. Documentation and supporting evidence of all good faith efforts made to comply with the subcontracting goal(s) must also be submitted with this form.

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