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SBEDA Ordinance Forms

Included below are forms related to compliance with SBEDA Ordinance #2016 - 05 - 19 - 0367 If you have any questions, please contact the Small Business Office by phone at 210.207.3922 or use our online form.

Pre Contract Approved Forms
Subcontracting Goal - waiver request form

A Respondent may request, for good cause, a full or partial waiver of a specified subcontracting goal by submitting this form with its solicitation response and Subcontractor/ Supplier Utilization Plan form, fully documenting subcontractor unavailability despite the Respondent's good faith efforts to comply with the subcontracting goal(s). Waiver requests submitted after the specified solicitation response deadline will not be considered. This form may only be submitted when a SUBCONTRACTING PROGRAM API has been applied.

Exception to SBEDA Program Requirements Request Form

A Respondent may request, for good cause, an exception to the application of the SBEDA Program and its Affirmative Procurement Initiatives to a solicitation if the Respondent submits this form with its solicitation response. Late Exception Requests will not be considered.
View the Exception to SBEDA Program Requirements Request Form (PDF).

Post Contract Approved Forms
Change to Utilization Plan

Allows a Prime Contractor to list all changes in the use of certified or non-certified Subcontractors/Suppliers in relation to the Prime Contractor's Original Utilization Plan or latest Change to Utilization Plan approved by the Economic Development Department for a given contract.
View the Change to Utilization Plan (PDF).

Post-Award Vendor Subcontracting Wavier Request Form

This form should only be used for contracts that have already been awarded by City Council. A vendor who has been awarded a contract by City Council may request a partial or full waiver of a specified subcontracting goal(s) by submitting this form. Documentation and supporting evidence of all good faith efforts made to comply with the subcontracting goal(s) must also be submitted with this form.

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