EDD - Small Business Development

Acronym Guide
Acronym Meaning
A&E Architecture & Engineering
AABE African American Business Enterprise
ABE Asian American Business Enterprise
ACBDE Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business (Federal Program)
ACDM Alternative Construction Delivery Methods
API Affirmative Procurement Initiative
BAMPP Bonding Assistance and Mentor Protégé Program - aka Business Empowerment Plan
BVB Best Value Bid
CCMS City Contract Management System
CIMS Capital Improvements Management Services Department
CMR Construction Manager at Risk
CoSA City of San Antonio
COU Change to Utilization Forms
CRAG Community Revitalization Action Group
CUF Commercially useful function- most important in subcontracting
CVR Centralized Vendor Registration System - aka SAePS
DBE Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DiBE Disabled Business Enterprise
ESBE Emerging Small Business Enterprise
GFEP Good Faith Effort Plan
GSC Goal Setting Committee
HABE Hispanic American Business Enterprise
HUB Historically Underutilized Business
HUBZone Historically Underutilized Business Zone
IFB (Formal) Invitation for Bid (Formal)
IFB (Informal) Invitation for Bid (Informal)
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
NABE Native American Business Enterprise
NAICS Codes North American Classification System Codes
NIGP Codes National Institute of Government Purchasing Codes
OD Originating Department
"Other" Non-professional services and goods
PGS Purchasing and General Services  aka FPD - Finance Procurement Division
RFCSP Request for Competitive Sealed Proposal
RFI Request for Information
RFO Request for Offer
RFP Request for Proposals
RFPQ (Informal) Request for Price Quote (Informal)
RFQ Request for Qualifications
SAePS San Antonio eProcurement System
SAMSA San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area
SASA San Antonio Statistical Area
SBAC Small Business Advocacy Committee
SBE Small Business Enterprise
SBEDA Small Business Economic Development Advocacy
SBO Small Business Office
SCTRCA South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
SRCS Solicitation Review Cover Sheet
TIF Tax Increment Financing
TIR Tax Increment Revitalization
TIRZ Tax Increment Revitalization Zone
UP Subcontractor / Supplier Utilization Plan
VBE Veteran Business Enterprise
W/MBE Women/ Minority-owned Business Enterprise
WBE Women Business Enterprise

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