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In order to stimulate a thriving entrepreneurial climate and promote the growth of local small, minority, and women-owned businesses, the City of San Antonio has implemented various programs and initiatives to help small businesses succeed, whether they are at the ideation, startup, or growth phase.

Below you will find information on the City of San Antonio's programs to assist local small, minority and women-owned businesses (S/M/WBEs) access City contract opportunities, receive free mentoring and consulting, and address access to capital through lending opportunities.

Access to City Contract Opportunities

SBEDA Program

Did you know the City of San Antonio has a program that promotes the use of local S/M/WBEs on City Contracts? The Small Business Economic Development Advocacy Program, referred to as SBEDA, does just that. Last year alone, $246 million was paid to over 500 local S/M/WBEs, representing 49% of the City’s contractual spending on contracts in which the SBEDA program applied. Find out more about the SBEDA program and the tools offered to both prime contractors and subcontractors.

View current bidding & contracting opportunities.

Register as a vendor with the City of San Antonio

Are you interested in doing business with the City of San Antonio? The first step in learning about bidding opportunities is to register as a vendor in the Central Vendor Registry (CVR)! By registering as a vendor, you will receive newsletters with upcoming solicitations, events, and programming designed to help your small business. Register as a vendor today!

Certify your business

Interested in getting your business certified as a S/M/WBE? Contact the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) and complete an application. The SCTRCA aims to connect small, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses to economic opportunities through business certifications. Receiving a business certification may lead to additional contract opportunities with not only the City of San Antonio, but other local Government entities that recognize these business certifications. Last year alone at the City of San Antonio, $246 million was paid out to local S/M/WBEs, but you have to be certified first. Call 210.227.4722 or visit to get started!

Free Mentoring and Consulting Services

Business Empowerment Program

The City’s Business Empowerment Program offers free mentoring for small business owners through a partnership with the Alamo Colleges District. The program aims to grow S/M/WBEs through an educational component and mentoring from experienced and successful firms. Since 2012, graduates of the program have reported $61 million in revenue, a 24 percent increase since entering the program.

  • Small Business Bootcamp: Features a series of educational courses that include the following:
    • How to Write a Business Plan
    • Access to Credit
    • Marketing
    • Managing your Financials
    • Sustainable Business Practices
    • Legal
  • Mentor Protégé Program: Participants will be paired with an experienced and successful mentor for two years. During this time, mentors and protégés work together on various goals. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony and celebration of the protégé’s growth and success.

Launch SA

Have an idea to start a business but don’t know where to go or where to begin the process? Have a small business, but having difficulty overcoming business challenges? Launch SA is the first stop where entrepreneurs and small business owners can get personal support, information, resources, market data and guidance to start and maintain their businesses. Through a partnership between the City of San Antonio and LiftFund, this resource center offers free consulting, referrals and connections to existing business resources, and tailored programming created specifically for the San Antonio entrepreneurial community. For more information, visit, call 210.598.6623, or visit in-person at 600 Soledad, inside the Central Library.

Schedule a meeting with the City’s Small Business Liaison

The Small Business Liaison is the first stop for business assistance and serves as an ongoing resource for businesses that are growing. The Small Business Liaison meets with vendors individually to discuss permitting, licensing and regulatory issues, and provides initial counseling on the following issues: sources of capital, forms of business organization, government contracting and other vital topics. Located at the Central Library inside Launch SA. Schedule an appointment today!

Access to Capital

COSA Loan Interest Buydown Program

S/M/WBEs that experience difficulty accessing capital through traditional lending mechanisms have the ability to participate in the City’s Loan Interest Buydown Program, pending the availability of funding. In partnership with LiftFund, this City program offers qualified S/M/WBEs 0% interest loans to assist with various business needs such as starting or expanding a business, employment, or for the purchase of property, inventory, and equipment. Annually, this program has assisted 35 to 40 S/M/WBEs receive loans that collectively total between $700,000 and $800,000. Apply online at or call 888.215.2373. (Businesses must be located inside the City of San Antonio city limits. Funding is limited and subject to availability.)

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