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A Registered Envelope is a type of encrypted email message. To ensure privacy, you should never send sensitive information through standard email, where it is susceptible to unauthorized access. Registered Envelopes use encryption to protect sensitive email messages so that you can send and receive them safely across the Internet.

The City of San Antonio (COSA) has implemented Cisco Registered Envelope Service to deliver Registered Envelopes directly to the recipient's email inbox in any standard email system. Then, the recipient can use a web browser to open the envelope. No special software is required. If you have questions or need assistance with opening a Registered Envelope, contact the COSA Help Desk at (210)207-8888.

Mobile Devices

If you are having problems while opening a Registered Envelope on a mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet, forward the original notification email (which begins with ‘You have received a secure message’) including the attachment, to:

The system will send you a new email message with a hyperlink allowing you to view the contents of the Registered Envelope.

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